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April 12, 2000

The Orchestra Of Revival - Ray Northern

The time has come for auditions calling musicians from all nations to play in the Orchestra Of Revival. Each one will come to audition for the conductor - either prepared, or not prepared. After auditions a list is posted. Those that are called to play will pick up their instruments and take their places in the orchestra. All instruments will be represented. There will be strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion. There will be some soloists, some supporting. It is a HUGE orchestra. Everyone who has practiced their instrument and who came prepared will take their place in the orchestra. Everyone who does not come prepared will take their place in the audience. The conductor, Jesus, will then take His place. The musicians will follow Him in a beautiful symphony, written by God, orchestrated by His people - held up by the Holy Spirit. Some of those in the audience who are not prepared for the audition will watch and enjoy the music, and then long to join the musicians on stage. Some will simply be content to watch and listen, while others just won't care for the music. Numerous times auditions will be held. Each time the sections of the orchestra will grow, and as it grows the symphony will become more beautiful, more full, and complete. But still there will be an audience. Unfortunately, some in the audience will never like the music.

Church, it is time for us to listen to the conductor's call. It is time to take lessons, to practice, to be prepared for our audition to play in His Symphony. The time may come when auditions will close.

Now is the time to REPENT!!! Pray, Read, Worship!! For the time is here for His Orchestra to be called.

The Ravished Heart of God - by Mike Bickle

For centuries the human race was deceived by the idea of an untouchable God. From the Jews, who saw Him primarily as holy-that is, separated from sin and superior to all that is created-to the Stoics, who thought He was feelingless, to others who believed He was totally detached from human affairs, humans embraced wrong paradigms of the living God. It was not until the early apostles presented the revelation of a God who not only feels but actually burns with desire for His creatures that people began to get a picture of who God-as manifested by His incarnate Son, Jesus-really is. The apostles taught that Jesus, because of His great love for us, deliberately underwent every human experience in order to claim us as His bride. He even willingly subjected Himself to pain and weakness, going so far as to submit to death on a cross to redeem His beloved.

This was a radically different view of God. It was inconceivable to the religious mind-set that a holy God could wrap Himself in the garments of humanity, feel deep human emotions and then be crushed by the wrath of the Father. The apostles' teaching was difficult for the Jews to accept because it violated every known paradigm of God in their day. Many believers still cling to a view of God that is very different from the God Scripture describes. But those who desire to walk in truth are now able to discover in Jesus one who felt everything we feel and who has a sympathetic understanding of the human struggle. We are able to know a God who expresses affectionate longing and tender mercy toward us.

We can go still further and learn to relate to Jesus as our heavenly Bridegroom. In the Song of Solomon, He tells us, "You have ravished My heart, my sister, my spouse" (4:9, NKJV). "Ravish" means to overcome with emotions of joy or delight. Thus, Jesus is saying He is overwhelmed with delight for His bride, who is beautiful to Him. As difficult as it is to believe, Jesus feels this way about all of us-mature and immature believers alike. Though we may have difficulty grasping this truth, it is important for us to see Jesus as the ravished Bridegroom because false ideas about the personality of God lead to false ideas about what we look like to Him. Such ideas can damage our intimacy with the Lord. I am convinced that an understanding of God's ravished heart is central to the end-time church. The gospel flourishes in the revelation of the extravagant passions of the personality of God. It is not enough to know that Jesus died on the cross. We need to know why He did it. What motivated Him? Was it simply His desire to be obedient to the Father? No! It was the burning desire of His heart for us. He longed for us before we were even created.

Today, Jesus is making it easy for us to respond to Him. He is romancing His bride. How is He doing this? By satisfying the deep longings of her heart-longings to be enjoyed and delighted in; longings to be fascinated, adorned and intimate; longings to make a difference-through His Word and His Spirit. He is letting her see what He sees when He looks at her. When she feels the truth of it, she becomes lovesick. This is the goal-for us to fall in love with God because of His great love for us. Think of it! He has all authority and dwells in eternity-yet He deeply desires you. Knowing His feelings toward you is what should most define your life. Everything looks different in the revelation of the ravished heart of God. Suddenly obedience is not hard. Sacrifice comes easily. And the Christian journey is no longer a struggle to overcome obstacles, but an invitation to engage in a love affair with one who burns with desire to have you as His bride.

Copyright 2000 Friends of the Bridegroom

A Prophetic Word from Hollie Moodie

My church wants to stand. I want them to kneel. My church wants to shout. I want them to weep. My church wants to dance for joy. I want them to mourn. My church wants to be blessed. I want them to humble themselves before Me. My church wants a message that tickles their ears and scratches only the surface of their heart. I want my people to rend their hearts before Me. My church feels self sufficient. I will allow that spirit of pride to be beaten and pounded from them. I will allow situations to enter their lives that will bring them to their knees, and bring them back to a first love experience with me.

I will take my people into my hands, and squeeze and press the worldliness and sin from them. Only then, when all has been taken from them, and they feel they have been left with nothing, will I be able to breathe new life into them and give them a true spirit of worship and praise. It is when My people return unto Me with all their heart that I will bless them and will be able to use them to speak My words and My heart to My lost and dying sheep.

My children must not seek to be blessed, but to be a blessing. My children must not seek to feel good about their walk and their relationship with Me, but must realise how needy and naked and empty they are apart from Me. It is only when My church is broken, that I will be able to use her to My glory.

I call My church to repentance. I call My church to prayer. I call My church, back to Myself.

Hollie Moody

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