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Pastor Greg Manalli

Eph. 1:22-23

This is sent for your edification and consideration. The vision contains some dramatic emphasis for the purpose of helping us see that not all that we have been doing in church has its origins in God. Thus, the fruit will not be what He is looking for. God is not obligated to anoint our ways and structures regardless of our good intentions, which can be the enemy of God's best. What worked in the past doesn't mean it will work in the present, even if God did originate it for a time and purpose. The only person that can sing, "I did it my way" and get away with it is God.

I began seeing this vision in the springtime of 1998. It is a vision that I can repeatedly look into, observe in detail and inquire of the Lord about its meaning. It is clearer today than when I first received it.

The vision begins with an overview of a vast area of destroyed buildings. Many of these buildings are leveled to their foundations. Some are even destroyed below the ground, the very foundation in ruins.

The scene reminded me of pictures I had seen of Hiroshima, Japan after the atomic bombing. Twisted and mangled steel girders poked awkwardly into the air no longer able to give support. In most cases, it was hard to imagine what type of building previously existed. Most lay in heaps of brick and steel.

As the scene kept unfolding I saw Jesus first walking amidst this vast rubble. His countenance was circumspect, clearly inspecting every detail. It was as though He wanted to be sure the destruction was sufficient, that it would be impossible for the buildings to stand again by being merely repaired. New buildings would have to rise.

Then Jesus did a remarkable thing. He stepped into the center of a once standing edifice. His person began to grow. His very body extending out and up until it filled the space once occupied by material. Then this process was repeated over and over as Jesus Himself was now filling every place where there once was a building. The size, height and shape of each building were not identical, but there was no mistaking that Jesus was in all, and through all.

Then I began to be lifted up to view this vision from a new perspective. I went up as well as back away from the scene like a zoom lens being retracted. Now the distinct definition of Jesus in every building began to fade and a new image of one personage of Jesus began to dominate the entire picture. A new expanding edifice rose steadily out of this changing scene. The buildings all merged into one and the one was Jesus Himself. I knew a building was there, but our Lord engulfed its identity. He was the building(s) and the building(s) Him.

Then I rose further up and away from this scene. From this greater distance Jesus was clearly seen rising up and filling an area that looked first like a city, then a region, then a nation, then a continent. The upward and outward distancing of myself continued until I could see the whole earth and Jesus standing on the sphere. While His feet were in one place, they seemed to "melt" and flow around the entire earth making it clear that He was on all the earth and not only a part of it.

The Lord made me to understand that the vision was dramatically depicting a divine takeover and makeover of the church. The reason for using a bombing scene to illustrate this process is because some churches and leaders already feel like a bomb has hit their churches. Actually, the Holy Spirit, being freshly poured out, has so powerfully hit some churches that some or all of their usual activities have been interrupted. Some are completely discontinued. The new wine and old wineskins are incompatible. One or both will be lost if a new container for the wine isn't provided soon (Mt. 9:17).

Some of God's children have thought the manifestations of the outpouring were the end in themselves. The joyousness, the falling out under the power, the different statements resulting from someone being freshly touched by the Holy Spirit are part of the church being reintroduced to the Holy Spirit. The behaviors are more signs of what God wishes to do with the church:

1. Cause it to cease from its labors.
2. Give it more "downtime" to know Him.
3. Enable the church to do what it hadn't been able to do before because it wasn't relying on the Holy Spirit.

The Lord closely inspected the "remains" of the church. He walked circumspectly through the rubble making sure what had to be destroyed was and that it would be impossible to restore the building. It would have to be rebuilt. He led me to understand that the destruction caused by a bombing was to be seen not merely as destruction but de-structuring which would be followed by a restructuring. It is also to serve as notice that every man's work will be tried as by fire (I Cor. 3:11-15). So, He is giving us time to get it right. In reality, except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it (Psa. 127:1). Only a little of each building remained as representations of what had been originated by Him.

The Lord led me to further know that under the anointing of their gifting many apostles and prophets would actually be involved in destructuring churches by revealing certain activities of churches that are not fulfilling any present purpose of God, and thus bring them to an end. It is in part their governmental function to set things in order (Titus 1:5). The anointing to do this is the same as that given to Jeremiah in Jer. 1:10. This anointing includes not just rooting out, pulling down and destroying, but building and planting. Thus many churches, their leaders and members are going to have fresh new starts. There will be refocusing of ministries and resources and a new excitement to see the building of the church. Many will join in this restructuring as their giftings are identified and released. The church is a Body, not a building and every member must function to its fullest extent.

The most profound action of Jesus was when He stepped into the center of the remains of a church and then filled it. He was identifying what church is. It is He, He is the Head and we are His Body, the fullness of Him that fills all in all. We are not what fill the church. But Him in us all, thus filling all. It is not just a metaphor.

In expressing Himself within the Body, He also defines the function of every gifting since every gifting is an aspect of His life when lived out on the earth prior to the cross. After His resurrection and ascension into heaven, the Father then sent us the Holy Spirit, the Christ anointing or the Spirit of Christ. Now Jesus' life continues manifesting in the multitudes of believers who now make up His spiritual Body. Our identity is in Him. Our unity and oneness now agrees with the unity and oneness of the Trinity. As the Trinity is all of one Spirit so are we (Jn. 17:21). One Divine Spirit eternally manifested as Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

This unity the Lord led me to understand doesn't require uniformity of activity for believers. In fact, this unity exists in the many distinctions in the Body. Within the Trinity, each Person of the Godhead performs different functions in relationship to our salvation and us. Yet, all have the same goal. The human body too has its members performing different activities at the same time all under the direction of the head. Our Head, Jesus, administers life in and through His Body the same way. So too, each church was different. These differences in churches (not disagreements) complimented and fulfilled the complete statement of Christ. The fusing of these distinct bodies into one, which ultimately filled the earth, depicts this. Our oneness is the function of the Spirit (Eph. 4:3) and we are requested to maintain this unity of the Spirit with loving attitudes (Eph. 4:2-3) and not seek to attain unity by uniformity of activities.

Too often the insecurity of some leaders cause them to exert undo pressure on others in an attempt to have followers doing what that leadership thinks is right. When everybody doesn't walk in lockstep it is challenged as being out of unity. Similarly, many believers follow after every new trend, program, whatever, even searching to satisfy their uncertainties and insecurities. Jesus was clear on this subject in Mk. 9:38-40 and Jn. 21:21-22. We are going to know what Jesus is leading us in as we listen and follow Him as He clearly makes it known to each of us. A great release is coming and a new freedom as well.

Finally, we see Jesus' feet planted on the earth yet encompassing it. He wants us to be sure that all things are to be put under His feet (us, the feet of His Body) making all things subject to Him. His head is over all principality and power and it is through the church/body that His manifold wisdom is being made known (Eph. 1:21 & Eph. 3:10). Yes, His glory will be made known through the church throughout the world (Eph. 3:21 with Hab. 2:14).

The growth of the Body in this vision takes place effortlessly. The whole Body grew simultaneously, not a part at a time, but altogether. The reason is to emphasize the action of every part working towards the goal of building itself up in love. (Eph. 4:16 paraphrase is mine.) In other words, ministry in the Body is going to function in accordance with Eph. 4:12. The five-fold ministry must focus its approach to the Body in terms of equipping it. Then the congregation, too, must change from an audience, to participating members. To facilitate this, the "How to" of doing church will change so the function of Body growth will occur? The measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ depends on every member, not just a few gifted in the pulpit. Even those in the pews will minister to those in the pulpits. Doing church is about to change.

Pastor Greg Manalli
Fellowship of Life Church



While in intercession, I saw a man walking on "The King's Highway". He was following a straight course to his divine purpose and destiny in the Kingdom of God. Then, I saw the man look down at himself and gradually he strayed from the highway and walked on a dirt path that was parallel to it. Eventually, the path took him away from the highway. The word "diversion" came to my mind. The definition is "to turn aside in different directions for amusement or entertainment."

I am calling each of you to walk with Me on the King's Highway. It is a straight course into fulfilling your purpose in My glorious Kingdom and to receiving your inheritance - the fullness of Jesus Christ. If you will but look Me in the face and follow Me with all of your heart, I will order your steps. As you abide in this step-by-step obedience, you will fulfill your divine purpose and calling... without even really being aware of it... because you will only be consumed with Me. My warning to you today is to not be diverted from this highway. Stand guard against entertaining your self, for looking down will cause you to lose your way. Diversion will come in the forms of considering yourself over others; indulging selfish desires and motives; selfish ambitions; and of course, self-examination. Come up and walk with Me!

"A highway shall be there, and a road, and it shall be called the Highway of Holiness. The unclean shall not pass over it, but it shall be for others. Whoever walks the road, although a fool, shall not go astray." Isaiah 35:8

Nothin' But Jesus Ministries

No Compromise, No Mixture

Teresa Seputis

Children, I am calling you to radical obedience. I am calling you to radical holiness. I am making great demands of you because My plans for you are great. I am looking for a pure and dedicated people upon whom I can pour out My glory; upon whom I can pour out My anointing; and through whom I can move in great power. I will not pour Myself into a polluted steam. I will not put My spirit upon an unpure people. For I am holy and that which I pour Myself into must be holy and set apart for My purposes and dedicated for My use. Do you choose to set yourself apart for Me? Do you choose to wash yourself in My living water and allow My Holy Spirit to transform and purify you?

I am calling to you purity. There must not be compromise or mixture, for that pollutes your witness. You cannot hold onto the light with one hand and grope for the darkness with the other. For do you not know; light and darkness do not mix. One will become stronger than the other and overcome it. Which is to be stronger in your life, child of Mine? Is it going to be My light or the enemy's darkness? You cannot have both working in you, for you will give yourself over to one.

You cannot walk in holiness and flirt with the sins of the world. I am calling you to be a separate people, set apart for Myself and carriers of My name. I am calling you to cast aside the things of the world and walk in My ways. Be set apart. There must be a difference, a distinction, between My people and the people of this world. I will not tollerate a mixture. Call not the things of the world holy. Distinguish between right and wrong. My word and My will must be your standard; you are not to conform to the standards of the world.

For I would not call you to the impossible, child of Mine. I would not command you to do something that I would not empower you to do. But I must have a people who are set apart and dedicated to My purposes. This means you must take your hands off of some of the things of the world. You must let go of some of what you cling to, that I might fill your hands with My anointing and that My glory might radiate through you.

It is My desire to raise up a holy people. It is My desire to pour My Spirit and My anointing on them, and to empower them to participate with Me in bringing My glory and My light to the nations. Will you join Me in this, child fo Mine? Will you set yourself apart for My purposes and become a vessel of My glory? To do this, you must lay aside all compromise and fully embrace My ways. Become vessesls of My glory, child of Mine. Commit your way to Me and lay aside all compromise. For, I am calling for a radical obedience and I am calling for a radical Holiness!

Will you answer My call and allow My indwelling Spirit to transform you? Set yourself apart for me and lay down all compromise.

Teresa Seputis


Bill Hardaway

We are about to enter into the most exciting time in the history of the Church. The great restoration and outpouring of the Spirit is about to begin. God is about to restore to His people what the enemy has taken. Many people have written me and complained about the spirit of fear and worry that is now attacking them.

The enemy knows his time is short and is attacking like a mad, desperate, rabid dog! But rejoice, his time is almost over. What God is saying to each of you is to run to Him. Do not let the enemy keep you from coming to Him.

Remember, nothing can separate you from the love of God. Run to your Father, He is waiting to receive you! God lead me to send these words out again. I hope they bless and strengthen you.


The enemy is just trying to put fear in your heart and keep you from doing that! God has not deserted you, Satan is just trying to put "his fear on you!

Satan is also attacking us with spirits of rejection and telling us that we are not worthy to be loved by God. That we are just not good enough, that God loves His other children better than us and that God will leave us behind because of our faults and sins.

These are lies of the enemy, meant to discourage us! Please do not believe them!

The biggest loser of all time is Satan! But there is nothing he can do to stop us from receiving the love of God. Above all else, God is faithful to His people and loves us without limits!!!

Run to Him, he will deliver you from whatever you are going through!!!!!!!!

Your brother in Christ,

Bill Hardaway


Do not let your heart be troubled. Trust in Me to deliver you from all the problems that you encounter. I have seen the end from the beginning, there is nothing I do not know or have not already seen. Trust in Me, I have your best interests at heart. The lies of the enemy are powerless if you truly believe in Me.

Do not worry about your own life but look to Me. I am a God of miracles but I desire to work in the small things in your life so that you will know that I have not overlooked one detail in things that pertain to you.

Nothing is too hard for Me, nothing is impossible for Me. Nothing can remove you from My love and care. I desire the best for your life and will remove the obstacles that you face in due season. Please rest in My love and trust in Me.


Satan's attacks against My people are almost over. I Am coming against him in a mighty way. I will destroy all his works and plans. I will turn the harm he has inflected on my children into good.

Nothing is impossible for Me. Believe Me for the things I have promised you. I Am bringing all to completion. Expect Me to deliver as I have promised.


I have been longing for My children to rise up and claim what I have promised them. I have desired to bless them without limit or measure.

I have desired to display My love and affection for them in the most intimate way. I have called out to them but they were caught up in their own desires and the pleasures of this world.

I say to all that are born of My nature to rise up and claim what I have so long to give you. Let nothing hinder you from coming to Me.

I am the Lord of Heaven and Earth... I am your Father! Come to Me, I desire to hold and love you so. I will lift you up before all creation and proclaim My great love for you.

Nothing will prevent Me from touching those who are Mine. I will break every bondage and hindrance. I Am the God of Heaven and Earth and there is no other.

Come to Me, I am calling your name. You are so precious to Me. I desire to shower you with all My love and affection.

--Your Father in Heaven


Bill Burns

This morning as I was involved in my normal routine (making my way to the coffee pot), the Lord spoke one word to me..."carnage." So with coffee in hand I went to my desk and consulted Mr. Webster. Carnage (from caro, flesh): a bloody and extensive slaughter; massacre I am thinking, "Uh oh!" And I'm wondering if that has to do with the conflict in the Middle East or a terrorist attack yet to come.

I looked back to the dictionary and saw that the next word following carnage is carnal (from caro, flesh) -- of the flesh; material or worldly. This is a word that I am familiar with because I am a preacher of the Gospel and have preached extensively about carnality, the works of the flesh.

The Lord then spoke again and said, "I will now send a Zadok anointing upon My prophets so that they can identify the true from the false. The sons of Zadok must come forth and stand with My apostles, for false apostles are seeking to gain a position of rule over My people."

I have not ruled out a "carnage" in the natural world because many times we are given signs in the natural of those things that will take place in the spirit. However, the Lord wants His people to understand the present situation in the church as it relates to the establishment of apostolic leadership in the Body of Christ.

There is much clamor right now about the office of the apostle. For several years now the prophetic word has announced the coming forth of the apostles who will lead the church into its inheritance. The problem is that we have the false mixed in with the true. Let us hear the warning of Apostle Paul.

2 Corinthians 11:13-15, "For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works."

This process of separating the true from the false (precious from the vile) is about to cause a carnage (bloody and extensive slaughter) among the sheep as lines of division are established according to which "apostle" they have associated themselves with.

The false apostles will be those who seek the office for carnal reasons. These apostles will desire to rule over the people for material gain and to gain a position of prominence. They will appoint themselves or seek appointment through an established organization. These false apostles will then demand that the church follow them and submit to their rule.

In as much as the Lord is now rebuilding the Tabernacle of David (Acts 15:16), it is not unusual that He would use Zadok as a type of those prophets that He will now raise up. Zadok, whose name means "just and righteous," remained loyal to David all of his life.

For our understanding, David was a type of Christ and Zadok was a type of those who will remain loyal to Jesus and will submit only to the spirit of Truth. Zadok was a priest, but he was also a prophet. In 2 Samuel 15:27, David identifies Zadok as a seer (prophet). A seer has the ability to see God's appointed, kingly leadership.

Abiathar was also a priest who served David (2 Samuel 15:24-29). Abiathar represents those who will join themselves to the Adonijah's (false apostles) who seek to establish themselves as apostles for personal gain.

Adonijah (David's son) and Abiathar (David's priest) were in the church of David's day. If they were with us today, and they are in type, they would point to their right to rule because of their sonship and service to the king.

1 Kings chapter one records the narrative of Adonijah's plot to become king. Adonijah conferred with Abiathar who followed and helped him. But, Zadok (who belonged to David) did not follow Adonijah. The Adonijah's (false apostles) will not seek confirmation of the true prophets. 1 Kings 1:10 tells us that Adonijah did not invite Nathan the prophet to join him. The reason that Adonijah didn't invite Zadok the seer, and Nathan the prophet is obvious; it is because those who are false servants will never seek confirmation from true servants. The false will only seek after the false for confirmation. So, the false apostles of our day will seek confirmation from other false apostles and false prophets.

These divisions, which are about to occur, are necessary. How else will the true leadership of our time become identifiable to the Body of Christ? The battle will be a bloody battle (carnage), but out of the battle the Church without spot or wrinkle will come forth.

1 Kings 1:39 tells us that it was Zadok who anointed Solomon king. Solomon represents the true apostles who will lead God's people into the fullness of their inheritance in this, the end of the age. The apostles, like Solomon, will seek God's wisdom. And, because they do, they will have a kingly anointing that will enable them to lead God's people into their inheritance and in victory over the enemy.

It was David and Zadok who established the leaders (priests) in their positions of service. (1Chronicles 24:3-5). Once again, it will be according to the pattern as established in the Word of the Lord. It is now time for the sons of Zadok to come forth, and they will be recognized by the anointing that they carry, and they will pour that anointing upon the Solomons of this day, and the glory of the Lord shall abide upon His people. Amen.

Bill Burns
Faith Tabernacle


Yolanda Ballard

Come unto Me, all who are weary and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest for My yoke is easy and My burden is light. And I have done all that you need to be able to live the victorious life that I have ordained for you to live. Look unto Me the author and finisher of your faith. Do not lean upon your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Me, and I will direct your paths.

These times are not what you expect to receive from Me. I am doing a deep purging of your heart. Things that have been hidden, deeply rooted within you, are now coming to the surface. And this may appear shocking to you....the thoughts and behavior you may be displaying. But I am doing a good work...a much needed work. I am doing a deep cleansing of your heart. I am removing all that has become a hindrance to your ministry. I am preparing you in such an extent to where My glory will be able to radiate through you to touch those around you.

I know your heart's deep desire to please do My great works in this land. But there has been hindrances, and I am removing them. I am exposing the enemy that has tried to stay hidden so that he could continue to work against you. But I am shining My flood light upon him, and I am purging with My fire all that is not of Me.

And I work only through a yielded who is broken and contrite of heart. I am looking for those who are willing to reveal who they really remove the mask and expose their weaknesses. For this encourages others to drop their defenses, to take off their masks, and be real. And then, and only then, will I be able to do the deep healing, the strengthening, and the restoring that is needed.

For I am building My church upon My Rock, the Lord Jesus Christ, and His example alone are you to follow. So come before Me as little children, humbled, willing and trusting in their Father to care for them, to help them through the struggles, to lift them up and cause them to be strong. For only in your Father's love are you accepted.

All trace of fear of man must diminish. Be the people I called you to be...mighty warriors! Be wise in My wisdom alone. Don't lean on your own understanding, I admonish you. And know that I am your God, and I stand for you eternally. Make sure there are no other gods before you.

Be strong in the strength of the Lord. Walk in My faithfulness, and rest in Me for I have everything under control in preparing you to be My yielded vessels, says your God.

The Testimony of Jesus and the Ministry of the Overcomers

Chip Brogden

"To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne." (Revelation 3:21)

We overcome AS He overcame. Meditate upon this. How did Christ overcome? Remember that on the night of His betrayal, the evening before His crucifixion, He said, "I have overcome the world." Our idea of overcoming is in for a rude awakening. We can hardly understand how Christ can claim to have overcome and then die a cruel death on a cross. Our concept of overcoming is striding about with a raised sword in our hand and a long cape trailing behind us. But that is the world's idea. How did Christ overcome?

"He made Himself of no reputation, humbled Himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the Cross. WHERFORE God has highly exalted Him..." Humility. Servitude. Suffering. Death. These terms seem to be incongruent with overcoming, but the plain truth is that if we have not suffered with Him, then we will not reign with Him (Romans). We are all for the ruling and reigning, but we despise the serving and suffering. Our strength is found in our weakness, for when we are weak, we are strong.

This is not the brand of Christianity that we are used to hearing about. We talk about taking authority, having dominion, walking in victory, and being an overcomer, but what does it all mean? Such talk is dangerous because most people are inclined to claim the promises to the overcomers but they are not willing to count the cost, deny Self, take up the Cross, and die daily. They are starry-eyed at the prospect of ruling and reigning, but murmur and complain against anything which would contradict their flesh. Indeed, they believe being an overcomer means they will never have to suffer any contrary or disagreeable thing, so they eagerly anticipate a life of overcoming, thinking all will be well with them. Their motivation for overcoming is a desire for ease, success, power, anointing, spiritual gifts, or the recognition of other men.

All disciples of the Lord are called to be overcomers. Overcomers are simply living the normal Christian life as God intended them to live. Unfortunately, what we see today is anything but normal, it is an aberration, a deviation from God's original thought. Just as this sinful world is an aberration from God's original design of a "very good" world which He created, so a defeated Christian is an aberration from God's original design. It is unnatural. A defeated Christian is like a bird who refuses to fly, or a fish who refuses to swim.

The root word of disciple is discipline, and we do not like that word. We would rather be an Overcomer than a Disciple, for overcoming sounds better than discipline. But what is an overcomer, but someone who has mastered a discipline, and thus mastered himself?

We do not "feel" like overcomers because we judge victory by our circumstances. We deem freedom from problems and the absence of conflict as overcoming. Nothing could be further from the truth. Overcoming is not the absence of conflict, but living out the Life of Christ, standing for His Will and His Kingdom, and demonstrating His Victory in the MIDST of conflict. Anyone can claim the victory when the sun is shining and the birds are singing, but what is their confession when the storm is is raging? One definition for "overcome" is "rise above". Overcoming is rising above your circumstances, not escaping them altogether. As long as we live on the earth we will experience contrary forces. May I say that the your greatest struggles are not with the defeated devil, or with the demons, or with the souls of men, but with your own Self, with your own flesh.

Let us look at what is called the Sermon on the Mount. This message from the Lord Jesus gives us an introduction or a preamble to what it means to be a disciple in the Kingdom of God - that is, what it means to give Christ the preeminence in your life as one of His followers. Here is where it all begins, within the heart of the individual. The Church is merely the synthesis of individuals who possess the Kingdom inwardly. But the Church is not even in view here, not yet, only the individual disciple. It is all about an inward reality which transcends and transforms the outward reality, and it begins with "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven."

If you carefully consider what is being taught you will see that the biggest thing to overcome here is YOURSELF. For example, it is the common and natural tendency for us to strike back when we are assaulted. Christ bids us to turn the other cheek. Are we to believe THIS is overcoming, to allow ourselves to be beaten? No, that is not the lesson. Christ is not telling us how to overcome our enemies, but how to overcome OURSELVES. In overcoming SELF we overcome our enemies. This is the secret of the overcomers: "They overcame [the dragon] by the Blood (Life) of the Lamb and the word of their Testimony, and they loved not their own lives."

What we call "Full Gospel" is still only about a fifty-percent Gospel, for we stress all the benefits and rarely mention the ramifications of "as in heaven, so in earth." The Good News is that heaven is invading earth and Christ has come to indwell us in order to prepare us for the Kingdom of God. The "other half" of the Good News sounds very much like BAD NEWS, and it is this: if we do not repent and align ourselves with this Will, if we fail to acknowledge the Son as God's All In All, if we refuse to concede to the preeminence of Christ, then we will be swept away by it as surely as a scarecrow is swept away by a tornado.

2000 Chip Brogden. Permission hereby granted for non-commercial (free) distribution provided this notice appears.

Teresa M. Daly-Crews


Father desires that we be a people that can worship Him in spirit and in truth. Coming unto Him as children singing songs of praise and worshiping Him in the Beauty of Holiness. This sounds like such an easy task and for some entering in comes easy but for others it feels almost impossible. Today Father is extending His hand beyond our own expectations and abilities calling for those who have been unable to come forth to come in.

There are many obstacles that stand before the entering into His rest. Hardened hearts as well as things viewed with temporal eyes can hinder coming boldly unto His throne. When we hear the words of others who have entered in we marvel at their testimony. A burning grows within our hearts and we desire to feel and see the same thing. We wonder why our eyes have not been blessed to see Father sitting in His glory and feel diminished in who we are. Lies from the enemy bring condemnation and guilt rises upon us making us wonder what could have possibly kept us away from such an awesome sight. This condemnation and separateness is not what Father wants us to feel. Today is the day to enter into His presence and receive the fullness of what He desires for us. Today is the day Father is calling unto His children to come forth to know Him in a most holy and intimate way. Harden not your heart, apply the balm of Gilead forgive all who have done things against you and boldly approach the throne of grace. Father is waiting to receive your love and yearning for your face to come unto Him.

Since our eyes and minds are trained to see only what can be tangibly felt, when we do have a throne room experience it seems foreign. The lies that come from the enemy proclaiming it is our own imagination are countless and we discard it as such. This tactic has been used since the beginning of time to produce a separateness and deception so we would be unable to receive the fullness of the promise. Today the Lord is increasing the awareness what lies in the spirit realm. Showing us that what we see through our natural eyes is but the fragment of reality and the sight through our spiritual eyes is eternal. He desires that we know and acknowledge through the Spirit of God the power and authority that we have over every spirit of darkness and all powers and principalities that move in the unseen realm.

Father I pray through Your precious Spirit that Your people are open and receptive to seeing through Your eyes. Give unto Your people eyes to see and ears to hear of the freedom that has been set aside. Bless your holy people that we may worship You in the beauty of holiness, unhindered by our temporal bodies and minds. We give You honor and reverence for Your awesome presence in our lives. Take us beyond what we think and perceive in our minds. Bring from Your deep well the depth of the water of life so that our parched and thirsty land may be healed. Power and majesty to your name on high we worship You almighty God.

So often we base where we stand with the Lord upon our human emotions. This temporal mindset hinders the movement of the Spirit in our lives. The complexity of our lives has made the ability to enter in fully very difficult and has given the feeling to many that they are unworthy to come unto the Lord. This is not the truth but it is a lie meant to steal the fullness of relationship that is possible with our heavenly Father. Our Father desires for us all to come unto him sharing our most intimate thoughts and concerns. He yearns to teach us of His wondrous secrets and share the mysteries of who He is. Today is the day of entering into His rest. He is calling unto you to sit upon His lap and commune with Him. Come into His presence and receive the fullness of your inheritance.

The sight of His presence is like no other possible. The color of His essence cannot be compared to anything temporal or earthly. His throne shines with the color of a diamond emanating the purity of who He is. View Father through your spiritual eyes and behold the splendor of His majesty. He beckons you to come to Him and climb into His lap. Angelic hosts surround Him as the song of the saints rises up from His footstool. The opalescence of light shines around Him like fragments of a rainbow and the brightness of His glory surrounds you like arms of comfort. You enter into His love and His fullness engulfs you. As you look around you see the beauty of His holiness and marvel that He would even allow you to come unto Him.

You were created to worship and love him. He desires to walk with you in the cool of the day, strolling through the magnificent garden telling you the mysteries of the universe. You are indeed worthy by the Blood of the Lamb to enter into His rest. The Spirit of the Lord commands all lying spirits to cease as you enter into the fullness of the Lord. It is time for you to grasp hold of the freedom given by the Spirit of God. You are called and ordained this day to feel Father as you have never before. This is the time of redemption and the day of renewal. Be rejuvenated by the hand of the Lord and know that you were created for Him. He sings love songs to you and extends His hand so that you may be revived. Sing the song of the Lord. Sing unto Him a new song in this day of darkness. He speaks unto the Bride of His Son and says, "Arise, come into the fullness of who I have created you as. Arise and be prepared as the heavenly Bride. Arise and receive the depth and width of the inheritance that has been created for you. Arise and drink deeply from the well of salvation. Arise and be healed. Walk in the freedom that I have given. Arise and commune with me. Be one with me and holy as I am holy. Arise my chosen ones, Arise"

Know that you do see beyond your temporal eyes. The lies that have held you from the fullness of Fathers presence will cease as you step boldly unto Him. Run to Him, climb into His lap, sing to Him and Father will receive you. Oh Spirit of the Lord, open widely the eyes of the hearts that will hear your voice. Remove all hindering spirits and cleanse us to see you more fully.

In HIS Service, Teresa M. Daly-Crews


Brother Alan

"God is conducting tests all the time; every occurrence in life is a test. Every thought that crops up in the mind is in itself a test to see what one's reaction will be. Therefore one must be always watchful and alert, conducting oneself with a spirit of awareness, viewing everything as an opportunity afforded to gain experience, to improve oneself and go on to a higher level in Christ. "

1Thes 2:4 But as we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel, even so we speak, not as pleasing men, but God who tests our hearts.

James 1:13-17
Let no one say when he is (tested, tempted or tried), "I am tempted by God"; for God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does He Himself tempt anyone. But each one is (tested, tempted or tried) when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed. Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death. Do not be deceived, my beloved brethren. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.

Ps 139:23-24 Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my anxieties; And see if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

"Praise the Lord for His infinite mercy."

I am - Alan - Doulos Christou.
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Shelleymae Bartlett

Matthew 1:23
Behold a virgin (A pure vessel used to bring forth fruit)
shall be with child and shall bring forth a son.
And they shall call His name Emmanuel which being interpreted
God with us.

Know ye the Heart of the LORD!
Know HIS thoughts
Know HIS ways
Know HIS desire towards you, saith your KING. Do not be discouraged. Do not let your hearts grow faint.
Do not be weary, but be strengthened in the TRUTH of WHO I AM!

REJOICE! REJOICE in who you know WHO I AM!

Let not your hearts be troubled.
Look not to the left or to the right or right or you will be defeated.
Look only unto ME!

I hear you. I hear your cries, even the ones you do not voice.
I feel your pain. I share your sorrows.

Look up! - Look up! For here cometh your King,
your LIGHT and STRENGTH in your time of trouble!
Look up unto ME and REJOICE!
Stand in the TRUTH that you know!
Stand in the TRUTH of WHO and ALL I AM.

Do not listen to seducing spirits that would discourage you,
that would bombard you from every side.
Walk Ye and stand in ME!

Let go! - Let go of the world...
The cares and the things that pull you away from ME.
For I AM A JEALOUS GOD and desire to delight in you!
Will you not delight in ME?
Look to ME only and truly you will be set free.
For when you seek the TRUTH of WHO I AM, MY LIGHT and LOVE will SHINE MY ways unto thee.

Walk you in the TRUTH of WHO I AM.
And walk ye in the SPIRIT OF TRUTH,

Yes, I AM your FRIEND and a FRIEND that LOVETH at ALL times!
Do you not know MY LOVE for you? I gave ALL that I had to have you!
I have come to REDEEM you~ to win your hearts, to save and rescue your souls!

Oh MY people
Look up! Look up unto ME!
Rejoice in the TRUTH of WHO I AM!
Will you not conceive?
Will you not carry within your spiritual womb THE VISION?

Will you not carry as Mary did when she sat and counted the cost?
And said "Be it unto me according to THY WORD," and brought forth ME despite persecution?

Will you not count the cost and look unto ME,
And bring forth ME to the Light in the forefront,
to LIGHT and SHINE in the darkness of this world?
Will you not say like Mary "Be it unto me according to THY WORD"?

Every pregnancy is different. Each has its discomforts.
Each has its pains. But all is lost in the moment
when the focused is centered on the vision of the expected end.

And I tell you this day,
when you lay it all down and look unto ME,
This time of discomfort will pass.
For I AM working. Yes, I AM CREATING.
And just as I knitted you together in your mothers womb,
I AM knitting something in your spiritual womb!

For A CHILD WILL BE BORN. The Tree WILL grow and bear fruit!
And IN HIS NAME we shall REST...
YES, REJOICE and be not discouraged,

Matthew 1:23
Behold a virgin (A pure vessel used to bring forth fruit)
shall be with child and shall bring forth a son.
And they shall call His name Emmanuel which being interpreted
God with us. Behold here cometh your KING!!!
REJOICE IN ME saith your KING!!!
and again I say REJOICE!!!

Humbly submitted with a rejoicing heart,
Shelleymae Bartlett

Irreconcilable Hostility

A. W. Tozer

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.
--Ephesians 6:12

In the early days, when Christianity exercised a dominant influence over American thinking, men and women conceived the world to be a battleground. Our fathers believed in sin and the devil and hell as constituting one force, and they believed in God and righteousness and heaven as the other. By their very nature, these forces were opposed to each other forever in deep, grave, irreconcilable hostility. Humans, our fathers held, had to choose sides-they could not be neutral. For them it must be life or death, heaven or hell, and if they chose to come out on God's side they could expect open war with God's enemies. The fight would be real and deadly and would last as long as life continued here below. People looked forward to heaven as a return from the wars, a laying down of the sword to enjoy in peace the home prepared for them....

How different today. The fact remains the same, but the interpretation has changed completely. People think of the world, not as a battleground, but as a playground. We are not here to fight; we are here to frolic. We are not in a foreign land; we are at home. We are not getting ready to live, but we are already living, and the best we can do is rid ourselves of our inhibitions and our frustrations and live this life to the full. This World: Playground or Battleground?, 4-5.

"Lord, we've lost too much by becoming friendly with the enemy. Help me to be willing to take a stand for righteousness, to choose clearly to be on Your side against the enemy, to pay any price--and then to look forward to laying down my sword later in heaven. Amen."

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