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October 7, 2000


Stephen Hanson

5 This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.
6 If we claim to have fellowship with him yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live by the truth.
7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son,
purifies us from all sin. I John 1

4 You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

"A time of great persecution is coming for those who are in my church. A time for a great "cause" though, for what this will do for the body. For in the time of persecution, it will also bring my body closer together. "

"Have I not said that "in the world you will have persecution?" Truly, they hated Me and they will hate you also. They stoned the prophets and they wandered in the deserts alone, but you are received in my body and welcomed as one. Truly I prepare a table for you in the midst of your enemies. Do know that I have come to judge the church first. She originally was set to be a light to the world, but her light has dimmed and she longer is a light as she once was. "

(The Lord showed me a lighthouse that was set upon a cliff by the edge of the sea. As I began to watch this lighthouse I noticed however, that the light did not go forth from it. There was a very dim source where the light was, like a button on a radio, but that was the only light that was seen. Around this light there was great darkness, and the darkness was coming in "clouds and various forms" around the lighthouse. The light from the lighthouse was too dim too see through this darkness that was around it.)

"Much of this has happened because you have been conformed to the world's standards. How can you be salt to the world? "

(Again the Lord showed me the same lighthouse. Now though, I noticed that something was being done to the top of it. A new light was set on top of the lighthouse, and as I watched it, it became very powerful. There were now several lights which emanated from it. This top part where the light(s) were was revolving around and around, and it picked up speed. Now the lights shone forth at a great distance into the darkness around it. I had the sense and noticed that it had caused the enemies' camps to be exposed. For demons had begun to put their hands and arms up in front of themselves as a shield from this great light that was shining forth into their darkness.)

"Dear people of mine, the light has shone in the darkness and the darkness has never understood it. That light is greater than any darkness that there is."

Stephen Hanson


Judith Grobelny

(A global call)
In a series of visions I have seen people emerging from the clouds that cover this earth, I have seen them running across the clouds, moving into the jetstream of God's purposes. I have heard the drumbeat calling us into His pupose now as His end-time army. Now, something further is beginning to emerge.

Last night as read what the Lord had shown to one of His prophets, I saw men and women of God, clothed in white garments, walking on the high places and STANDING there. Each one walked slowly and steadfastly, and each was totally equipped to STAND because they were clothed in white garments purchased to clothe their spiritual nakedness, they had been willing to approach the fire and receive what the Lord has promised to those who will do so.
They had walked into the white-hot heart of the furnace, into the heart of God, where all that is not of Him had been consumed.
They were quiet, unassuming, and totally unafraid!
I saw a new breed such as has not been seen on the earth before - those covered now with the Lord's authority and righteousness - who will be a significant threat to the enemy and his plans.

These people are now walking towards their positions, they know who they are in the Lord and the authority He has placed upon their lives, even as I saw it He was telling me that they are the "Keepers of the High Places".

As prayer and intercession matures now it is undergoing massive change and those who hold to the old ways will miss this new authority which is not coming forth with many words or clever ways - these are the ones who have 'become prayer' and walk clothed in the garments of Christ, with His Spirit and His Character within them. Their very presence will be terrifying to the enemy.

Why now I asked the Lord.

This morning I read in the prayer prayed in synagogues on the Sabbath Eve from the Song of Songs and it reads:

I adjure you, O nations who are destined to ascend to Jerusalem, when you see my Beloved on the future Day of Judgement, won't you tell Him that I bore all travails for love of Him?
In the NIV 5:8 Song of Songs reads:
O daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you - if you find my lover, what will you tell him? Tell Him I am faint with love.

In this great call that is now going out across the nations of the earth, as men and women are being called to something no longer local but GLOBAL, and are coming to STAND on the high places, could it be that the Lord is speaking to us of our true function, to stand as the ingrafted branches, and put the Lover of our Souls, in remembrance of the one He has pursued with such great love that she faints with need of Him now, and has borne her travails for love of Him. There would be no better time than now to proclaim it from the high places, and to STAND with our faces towards the Lord our God, holding firm to HIS revelation and HIS promises.

Judith Grobelny

Time Of Prayer


While in prayer this week the Lord showed me in the Spirit all the High Places over the world, they were made a bright white and I understood they were made Holy, sanctified by the Lord. At once something inside almost said: but in the Old Testament, they were places of sin and rebellion, what are You saying?

Then He showed me that He is to take this places from all over the world and take them by force if necessary and transform all of them into Holy Places in which His Name will be honored and revered. . And then it was spoken to me in a visual way, that HE was going to reveal Himself as the Lord of the High Places, destroying all that was before and creating a new thing according to Who He is, right there, in the middle of places where rebellion once stood opposed to Him. They were to become standards Of Holiness unto Him. Even though it still felt funny I found myself calling unto Him: "Lord Of The High Places, Most Holy One, Arise right there and establish Your ruling and Your Kingdom. Lordship on us, and make us Holy as You are Holy, that Your standard be unraveled and sustained by Your own Might and Power in the midst of Your enemies. In the midst of rebellion, let Your Name stand revered in each and every one of those places, unconquered, unsurrendered to the attacks of your enemies, invincible as You are, because You Are." Amen,amen.

Blessed be the Lord our God and Savior for He never changes and in the fullness of times the revelation of His heart is coming upon this earth to cover it as a blanket covers the bed and envelope every heart that is willing to receive, every mind that is open in its heart to understand. There is no power, upon this earth there is no power that can oppose Him, no one can stop Him, He is coming to bring into completion the work He has begun.

Arise, Arise for battle Oh Mighty Arm of War, come descend upon us with a shout and with vengeance, deliver Your people who have patiently waited upon You. And the Spirit Of Might and Power will be seen in His Glory. Holiness unto the Lord! And blessed is he who stands for His Lord until the shedding of blood, but there is only one blood and all life comes from it, the blood of the Lamb Of God, holy blood upon us all. Blessed be the Faithful One.

In humbleness and meekness He will unfold His power upon all He created by His Word, and His enemies will be confused that such a meek and humble Spirit brandishes like a sword upon His thigh power above all powers to destroy, to plunder,to pluck, to crush until nothing stands before Him, until He bring back into nothing what from nothing was created. It is also with Him power to lift, to revive, to build and establish, to stand and overcome and there is no struggle, for no one can struggle with Him. Fear is afraid of Him and the strength flees from the Tyrant at His sight and their faces become pale with the paleness of death.

Holy One Of Israel, come, come, come. Burn and consume us with Your presence until You are all that is left in us. We belong to You.

Maranatha my Lord, for all those who have waited patiently while they have been scorned but never gave up the Hope Of Israel. Maranatha my Lord for all those of poor spirit and weak hands that have endured being broken just to let your power be perfected in their weaknesses. Maranatha merciful one for the sake of you flock. Hosanna!



I was recalling a vision I had in church service last year while living in West Va. I saw a harvest field and a samll group of workers trying to harvest this HUGE field. I was especially struck by the small tools each were using, still getting the job done. I wondered, "How are we EVER going to take this field with these small tools and so few people?" I saw then as I looked over the field many people bent over working. The were of ALL nationalities and ALL ages! I saw even toddlers picking up lost grains that had fallen on the ground. There apeared a sign over the field which read, THIS FIELD IS READY. I remember speaking to the congregation saying the signifigance is not what we had to use but the determination we had to get it done. As others saw our determination, they joined! Then God was saying to me, we each have a gate that only certain people will EVER walk through. You may be the only Jesus your neighbor ever sees. Perhaps the only Jesus your child's teacher, a doctor, a clerk, nurse, boss, co-worker, teenager, grandma, a resthome patient........ever sees. We need to be the first example of Jesus our kids see. We are a gate!

Esther Thornton

God is about ready to use those individuals whom He has prepared, in phenomenal ways!

These are those who have been put through "The Refiner's Fire" and are coming out as pure gold!

He is bringing a cleansing to His sanctuaries to prepare "corporate ministry" that will know Him; walk in His glory and that will gain momentum in power as they quickly and suddenly move into the fullness of His promises.

Instead of "I" in our vocabulary, it is going to be "Him". Instead of "What I will do" it will be "What He is doing". For He will only use those in these greater ways who do not try to share in His glory. The emphasis will not be upon "who is used" but on "what He is doing".

It is time to lay aside all hindrances and time wasters and come into a new realm in the higher realms of God.

And, you, who have been discouraged and disillusioned, there is a special anointing being poured forth at this time for you! Change is on the way! You will rise to new heights suddenly and find that your total perspective has been changed! You will not see things as before! For you are now "raised up in heavenly places with Christ Jesus; far above all principalities and powers and rulers of darkness of this world".

Take off the old shoes that you have been wearing for so long! For they are causing your feet to become sore on the pathway. They are no longer in style! They are no longer suitable for the journey! For, even as the old wineskins cannot hold the wine; so your old shoes will crack and cannot take you where you need to go.

God is preparing "beautiful feet" to preach the gospel and go forth, even to the ends of the earth!

God is raising our view and enlarging us as never before! No longer will we be as the chicken whose head is to the ground, pecking at the stones in the ground. Nor will we be as the turkey who has no wisdom to avoid the storm but stands in the midst of it as though there is nothing that he can do. But, we will be as the eagle, who has a keen eye and renewed strength in our God to mount up to the heights!

Our focus is what is of importance right now. Keep our eyes upon Jesus and upon what He is calling us to do. Let everything else fall by the wayside and become as "dung" that we may win Christ. And, be found of Him, not having our own righteousness which is by the law, but having His righteousness.

God is placing a genuine quality of maturity and strength in His people that they may be strong and do exploits for Him.

And, it will not be those who feel they are qualified but those who He has chosen who shall be the called and anointed of the Lord to go forth in supernatural signs and wonders in this day.

I saw a vial being poured forth from Heaven with the words "Enablement for God's People" written upon it. He is pouring forth His enablement spiritually, physically, and financially to those who are His called and anointed to accomplish the work that they are called to do. For the time is short and there is yet much to be done.

Rise up, My People! Take upon you the character of Jesus! Allow My Spirit to so fill you that you find that enablement to move into the greatest of the glory and ministry of God!

I love you so, and I understand the hindrances that you have been facing. But, rise up and put the enemy under your feet! For he has no dominion over you!

And, I will pour my glory upon you! For you are my anointed sons and daughters whom I have chosen. You will be totally amazed in the days ahead at what I will do through you!

Esther Thornton

Failure and Success: No Past At All!


Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.
--2 Corinthians 5:17

In our churches we often sing, "Arise, my soul, shake off thy guilty fears." But nothing happens and we keep our fears. Why do we claim on one hand that our sins are gone and on the other act just as though they are not gone?

Brethren, we have been declared "Not Guilty!" by the highest court in all the universe. Still there are honest Christians, earnestly seeking the face of God, who cannot seem to break loose and find real freedom. The grave clothes trip them up every time they try to move on a little faster. Satan uses their past sins to terrify them.

Now, on the basis of grace as taught in the Word of God, when God forgives a man, He trusts him as though he had never sinned. God did not have mental reservations about any of us when we became His children by faith. When God forgives a man, He doesn't think, 'I will have to watch this fellow because he has a bad record.' No, He starts with him again as though he had just been created and as if there had been no past at all! That is the basis of our Christian assurance-and God wants us to be happy in it. I Talk Back to the Devil, 6-7.

"Thank You, Father, for that glorious freedom of forgiveness. Thank You for Your marvelous grace. No past at all! What a wonderful, incomprehensible truth! I humbly and joyfully worship You this morning. Amen."

Read "Insight for Leaders" online at:

Greater Revelation of the Lord

Willy Hemens

In a recent vision........

I found myself standing inside a small, traditional, church building, similar to old English type church buildings made of caved stone and with many arches etc., and on the right wall was a large mirror with-in a gold frame. The image I saw in the mirror was of the Lord Jesus Christ portrayed in a stained-glass window , hidden from view , around the left corner of the church building. It was beautiful and as I examined it closer I noticed that the mirror was badly cracked and that the cracks distorted the image of the Lord . Just then the mirror fell apart and the glass fell to the floor leaving an empty frame on the wall. Still desiring to admire the image further I turned to find the source of the reflection and as I turned the whole building filled with glorious light, each colored piece of the stained-glass window gave off intense beams of colored light, reds, greens, purples etc. (end.)

The cracked, gold framed, mirror represents the efforts of man to represent Jesus to the world. The gold frame speaks of a good and admirable effort, yet still falling far short of the fullness of the Glory of the Lord.20
I believe that the Lord is about to reveal himself to His Church in the fullness of His Glory and Truth.

Thank you...
Yours in Christ
Wilfred Hemens
Hatfield Christian Church
South Africa


Sharon West

As I drove to church a couple of weeks ago, the Lord gave me some direction in regard to writing that I feel he wants me to share with others. This word of direction is applicable to any ministry that God is using to open the gates of his blessing.

At the time, I was thinking about the angel in Revelation 10 with the open book in his hand and the fact that I believe there is an anointing present now that is opening God's word like none other we have seen to date. Scripture itself is being opened in an unprecedented way along with other writings based on the truth of scripture.

I call this anointing "an open word." What happens with this is that our words break open, like that open book in the hands of the angel, and the words become way more in the understanding of the hearer than what the person ministering even had in mind for them.

The words break open and just keep opening until each hearer gets something for their own spiritual perspective, and it even breaks loose and fans out linking scripture to scripture. This quality of "opening" is particularly characteristic of this anointing.

As I contemplated this, I caught the momentary flash of a picture in my mind of a ship, and the men on board were taking soundings of the depth of the water. The Lord suddenly gave me understanding of something very important to keep in mind for the operation of this anointing of "an open word."

Like those men on the ship, God wants to take soundings of our spirits, and in doing so, we'll know as we go along where the depths are and where the shallows are. God's desire is that everything we write or minister under this anointing be connected to one of the deep places in our spirits.

He does not want us to connect anything now to shallow places. Let those places alone for God to do a work of deepening there. If we discern that we are starting to get shallow, go back out into the deep.

This anointing is going to do what God intends for it to do in opening our words, whether they are shallow or deep, but He wants us to choose those deep places to draw people into.

Today, there's really no use in opening the shallow places any more. For too long we have called people to the shallows, the places that dry up first when the rains don't come.

The season of a little touch of Jesus is over. The time for shallowness is past. Therefore, we need to start calling people to the deep places, and we can't call them to the depths from the shallows. Deep calls unto deep.

So every word must be especially connected to those places that God has dug deep within us. This is beyond writing or ministering what we know. It is writing and ministering what we live and breathe in the Lord.

There are two ways the Lord applies the oil of His Spirit. He either pours it on or rubs it in. These deep places are where He has rubbed and dug down and placed His Name. Oh, many are thirsty to get a drink from those wells!

I pray that all of us will undergo soundings of our spirits and write and minister an open word from the depths that will be like the sound of many waters.


Doug Patterson

This day I am calling you forth, for you have tasted the water of salvation. You have received a touch, a fresh new anointing. You have tested Me and proven Me in days gone by. Many of you have come to the River of Life and entered in. It is a day when deep is crying unto deep.

My Spirit is calling you into the deep things of the Lord. This will cause you to decide to come into the fullness of your salvation, the fullness of your healing, the fullness of your deliverance.

My ways shall become your ways. My thoughts shall become your thoughts. Wisdom shall dwell within you, for deep cries unto deep.

Return to the River of Life and dive to the very bottom of the river. Submerge yourself in the glory of the Lord. Enter into the Throne Room of God. There is a new dwelling place.

The Spirit of God will prolong your days and add good success to your activities. Wisdom shall rule and reign in your heart for I will extend Myself through you.

My Body is coming together. Revelation is sobering your soul to line up with My Spirit to fulfill your purpose and your call.

So rejoice! Be strong in the deep riches of the Lord for I hide Myself within you. For I have made Myself available to touch your heart as deep cries out to deep.

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