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October 4, 2000

The Inner Furnace and The Fleshhooks

Suzin McNeill

In the deepest confines of My furnace I am bringing forth the white flames of holiness upon My prophets. The fires are to purge all doubts and self willfulness. The fires are to burn up all of your own agendas. Self works, self exaltation, and greed can not be upon your fleshhooks as you stand before Me. The fires are to burn off the fatted places upon you and within you in order to produce in you only the leanest meat of My will. I am sending you out with My apostles to go forth to those who have gathered and hoarded and who have built themselves up monuments of ministries and have not sought to know or do My will. Many of these are famous men who shall boast themselves of their own great works. Many of these are men who have spoken much in their own darkened presumptions when I, The LORD have not said. Many of these have laid up for them- selves and have given little in disbursements unto the poor around them. Many are pulpit thieves, swindlers, and black hearted doing their own works while calling,LORD, LORD. They are mastered merchants standing within My temples. To these I send you forth first, for they block the doors to My temples in their own greed, pulling their own fleshhooks filled with control, manipulation and religious powers.

I send you forth as My servants with My fleshhook to speak My fiery words against those who boil in their own pots in their own names, for their own selves. Greed cries from their own lands against them, along with the cries of the poor. If any should raise himself in denial and refuse to hear My words through you, my sent ones and servants then, you shall take as much as thy soul desireth. Speak forth. Proclaim against them unto Me, and I will speak. Then, if they shall say Nay, I will take it by force, for they have stolen My offerings and My thithes, and consider it lightly.

There can be no turning within you, My proclaimers. You shall prophesy but not in the ways of times passed. You shall speak forth and behold My Words made flesh and coming into fullness to render My actions, My love, My mercy, My shakings, and My judgments. My Word shall walk through you. You will see My power just as you beheld Me in the fiery furnace with you. You will not desire the delicacies of other kings, for I The LORD will provide and cause men with both opened hands, and opened hearts to give all you need speedily. Do not doubt My ability to place you before those who shall give all liberally at My leading. Did I bless the birthing of My Son JESUS with wealth, yea even gold? So shall I bless you, My apostles and prophets before your journeys of obedience. You will know My divine provision and you will walk free of need before men. You will not be swayed by any needs. I, The LORD will raise you in the power to both get and receive wealth even before, I send you. You shall walk in My promises unto you. Prosperity is Mine, says The LORD and it is I, Who establishes My promises to My sent ones and My servants to receive wealth.

This I speak unto those lingering within the fires. There has been great difficulties and much brokenness. Your most basic needs have been met, but feintly for some. You have endured the hardships of My will for you have died over and over again. I call to you and say, Arise, you will need no borrowed tomb, for I speak you blessings. I will also speak to those prepared to give unto you for this work in this season, because I have found you faithful, even with a little. I have set you to receive all, without labor for your labor has been in Me. Your labors have cost you much, but you have made the dedication of your heart to serve only Me. Your hearts have been tried and My Word has been tried, even seven times within your hearts. You have faltered in times past, but I have upheld you. My sons and My daughters I call to you now as My mouth pieces, My proclaimers, and say, My hand is open to give unto you and to lift you as you speak forth. Your voice will sound out to bring My people, Israel to both repentance and to prosperity, and to wellness. You are complete in Me, says The LORD. Speak forth and you will see My Word manifest.

The Strongholds are Breached

Jeff Smallman

A couple of weeks ago, sitting in church, I saw the wall of a castle or fortress with a turret at each end, but I was looking down at it from above. The wall had been knocked down in the middle, caving in almost from one turret to the other. Behind the wall was what looked like the side of a mountain. As I moved closer (still looking down at all of this), I saw "people" running away. They had thrown down any weapons they had, and were just running. Some were jumping over boulders that were in their way. Others were running around them, but none tried to hide. They just kept running.

Then I heard "The strongholds are breached. The enemy is fleeing and there is no place for him to hide."

The more I think about this, the more important I think it is that this message be broadcast to everyone. The battle is already won. And I think now we are going to see the victory with our own eyes.

God bless you all,


Awake Oh Sleeper!

Don Nori

I see it, but not yet. The coming of His Presence and power like we have not seen in our lifetime. The splashing of revival and renewal we are now experiencing are as wind blowing the mist in from the ocean over dry ground.

It is only the beginning.

The tide comes in, even though we watch waves come flow in and recede. Do not fear a receding wave and do not stop preparing. For He is coming. As surely as the eastern sky gives way to the morning, so nature will give way to His coming; submitting to the powers of the age to come as time and space are invaded by eternity. Things created will give way to an unprecedented flow of His Holy Spirit upon the planet.

Much of the church looks upon this time with great anticipation, but it will be a time of great upheaval as nature groans in travail, giving birth to a new power and level of His presence and purpose (Rom 8:22,23). It is not a time of jovial frivolity, but a time of sober understanding as we see the Lord Himself moving on behalf of His purposes in the earth. So then let us not sleep as others do, but let us be alert and sober(1Th 5:6).

It is a time to recognize that this is not about the church. It is not about saving us from difficult times. We have lost the utter centrality of Christ in our understanding OF His purposes. The universe does not revolve around the earth, and the purposes of God do not revolve around the Church. God's plan revolves around His Son and His dynamic blueprint which He determined before the world began.

The Lord is preparing the planet for His own appearing. If we think that a little revival brings persecution and miss-understanding, wait until His own arm brings Him salvation and His own power breaks through the natural order of things. All those religious things that we have been so sure are important will not bring us salvation and will not be an adequate defense against the powers of darkness. There will be only one place to be when He appears and that is in Him. David experienced this when he said, "In the shadow of His wings, we will sing for joy."(Ps.63:7)

But this move of the Holy Spirit is a move of preparation and repentance. The Lord is calling back those who think they have had a discharge from the army of the Lord. These are the ones who feel they have failed Him. As a result of this apparent failure, His plan has passed them by. But they do not understand the workings of their Lord. Neither do they understand the depth of His love nor the power of His plan throughout time. Whether they believe their discharge was honorable or dis-honorable, His grace is sufficient and His mercy is everlasting.

The Lord is sweeping across the land with determined purpose. For those who think their time is past and God is finished with them, don't give up yet. Rather, give yourself one more time to the wind of His Spirit and listen again for the song of your Beloved deep in your heart. For the Lord, whom you seek, will suddenly come to you (Mal. 3:1). Do not resist His coming. For He will move again in your heart, stirring the coals you thought were long burned out. But one blow from His Spirit will ignite them once again into the blaze of His glory you once knew so well and experienced so passionately. Your day has arrived once again. Today, when you hear His voice, do not harden your heart (Heb. 4:7).

He is brooding over the face of humanity, calling untold millions to Himself in a sovereign act of His Presence and His Will. No man will stand in his own strength. No man will take credit. No man will receive accolades. For he will see His coming in a way he could never have imagined. Those who recognize Him will dive for cover at His appearing. They will fall at His feet in abandoned worship and servanthood to His purposes. They will want nothing but to be found in Him. If He needs them for service, they will be ready. If He does not need Him for service, they will pray. If they are recognized among men as leaders, it is fine. If they are hidden in the quiet of prayer and unseen obedience to Him, it is better. Their only passion is for Jesus to be lifted up. This is so powerfully exemplified in Paul"s words in I Cor. 2:2 , "For I determined not to know anything among you except Christ, and him crucified".

But some will recognize Him and will not be broken. These are the Gospel peddlers who glean the harvested fields of the prophets. They look for just enough grain to validate their existence. These go from gathering to gathering, mystifying the carnal and wooing the ignorant into their spiritual milking parlors where they will become the feeders for those who have no passion but for worldly gain and no power but for personal recognition. They have filled their silos with stolen grain and their pocketbooks with treasure that belongs to the Kingdom of God. These are the proud that the Lord resists. These are those who have sold their souls for the fortunes of counterfeit magical powers among those with no discernment, no witness and no intention of serving the Lord. "For we are not like many, peddling the word of God..." (II Cor. 2:17).

But when He comes, His appearing cannot be faked. It cannot be duplicated. One cannot run into the streets shouting, "The coming of the Lord! The coming of the Lord!" Words will not be enough this time. Dazzling showmanship and intellectual reasoning will neither convince the skeptic or save the faint of heart. The reality of the Living God will flow from His own, those who have died with Him and have paid the price of obedience to their Lord. They will be the city on a hill. They will be the light that the nations will run to. For when they come, they will see Jesus and Him alone. And they will fall to His feet in repentance and worship. "And when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as a dead man...."(Rev. 1:17a).

For He will appear in the church before He comes in the clouds. These are the ones who have given themselves to the power of the Holy Spirit to be molded and transformed into the image of their King. They will sing His song. They will experience wonders that human lips have heretofore not dared to utter. They will be a sacrificial people laying down personal ambition, personal promotion, personal ministry and yes, even personal finances. This kind of selfless giving will separate those who have truly seen Him from those who have merely parroted the new song of the Lord that He Himself will sing. Words will no longer be enough. There will be a slaying of self and a dedication to Him that will strike fear into the hearts of those who have only words.

This is what the immediate future holds for this planet. If you have been waiting for a better day, it will not come. If you have been expecting the skies to split in divine splendor, you will have a long wait. The better day is always TODAY. In place of the skies splitting, our hearts must be rend as He searches across the land for those who will pay the price to carry His glory to the world. Only these will discern the religious from the impassioned and the glory from the glitter. The hearts of these have already passed from death into life and will never accept a substitute for the ultimate experience of mere mortal flesh: union with God.

Don Nori

A word for the weary

Teresa Seputis

The following word does not apply to everyone. But there are some who have been feeling unsettled for quite a while and who have been crying out to God. You have become weary and exhausted and do not know if you can go on much longer. Everything has been swirling around you and you have felt that if God does not do something soon, it will not be possible for you to keep on going forward without mis-stepping. Yet you still want to "go on" with God... providing He will "go on" with you. These are the people that this word is for....

(If it is for you, the Holy Spirit will quicken it to you...)


I am about to bring My stability into your life.

There have been times and seasons of great change. These have not always been comfortable for you. But you have looked to Me and cried out to Me, and now I am about to bring a stability into you life.

I am going to begin to bring you into a place of relationship and intimacy with those around you. I am going to begin to give you favor with others. I am going to give you a season of rest and peace and prosparity. You will able to sing "it is well with My soul," for I will make your soul very well. I will watch over you and guard your path and provide your needs. I will meet you in new and unexpected ways. I will being to bring a quiet joy into your life.

You will see victory in many areas that you have been crying out to Me for. For I am with you and not against you. I will do a work in your family, and I will bring about the peace that you have been seeking me for in your relationships.

Right now, right this very minute, I am planting the seed of My hope in your heart. I am watering this seed with My love. I am bringing you forth as one out of the darkness into a great light. You will come forth surrounded in My peace and clothed in My righteousness. I am working My character in you.

But for right now I am going to bring you into a season of peace and rest. I am going to bring a stability into your life. And you will be established in My peace.

Blessings to you

- teresa

Expect Change

Marsha Burns

Expect change, great sweeping change in all areas. For, I say to you assuredly, old things have passed away and all things are becoming new. Even the old things that are worth bringing into this new era will be transformed and take on the characteristics of progression. Those areas in your life that you stubbornly cling to and refuse to yield to this spiritual conversion will become lifeless and historical. You are but a pilgrim passing through this foreign land on your way to a City "whose builder and maker is God." And, I tell you that many of you seek only to find a safe and comfortable place to stop and camp. But, your spiritual camping places are for the purpose of bringing you into greater revelation of Me. You cannot camp on revelation of one aspect of My nature and character and still see the fullness of My purpose. Believe Me when I tell you that the cloud is moving, and it is time to strike camp once again. You must move on to your next destination. But, fear not. I am with you. I will lead you and direct your steps. Come, courageous hearts; let us journey together!

Faith Tabernacle



I believe that He is taking us through to the other side. It's definitely a process. He know's what He's doing and He will get us there. Hop into His Holy Ghost Mobile and ride, just leave the driving to Him. It doesn't matter what it looks like right now. Good or bad or if it feels like nothing is going on in your life with Him. No matter where you are right now. Even if it seems like everyone else is going and doing and experiencing things with the Lord and you feel like you're out in left field somewhere, just gropping to hold on and not lose what little bit you feel you have....YOU ARE RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE IN HIM, going through your process.

Where you are right now (wherever that may be for you) because we're all in different places, is no surprise or disapointment to Him. We are not a disapointment, misfit or always on the outside looking in, as satan would try to get you to believe. Our sin against God is when we turn and believe the lie satan is telling us. It may not seem like a lie at the time but if it's not what God's word is saying about you then it is a lie, right out of the pit of hell. We are simply in the place we are in and it's not any more or less complicated than that. Being processed by our Heavenly Father, into the glorious image of His Dear Son......Our Lord and Savior......Christ Jesus.

Whatever He is working through us or out of us, is being done from the very place we are at....right now! He is working from that very place we are in at the time and regardless how long we spend in that place, that's irrelevant, it's the place He wants to work on you from. I will say it again. The place we are at is the place the Lord wants to work on us from. So if He want's to work on us, in the place we're at. Why are we fighting Him? Why let satan condem and belittle us at the place God is working on us? satan comes with his lies and tries to turn your focus on your "SELF." Giving you all the thoughts of, well if you were any kind of real christian, you wouldn't still be in this place, you're just weak, you'll never make it out of this place cause God is waiting on you to do something or see something or say something and you know you. You'll never get it figured out or get it right. You'll just have to hold on where you are and hope you don't mess this up too, you just aren't like the rest....LOOK AT THEM! God can only work with what He's got and LOOK AT YOU. he does have this down to an art, but he is A LIAR!!

God knows exactly where we are and it's the very place He want's to work on us from, or believe me, we wouldn't be there. There's nothing impossible for God. That's right! We couldn't be stupid enough or weak enough or broken enough pieces, that Father can't fix . He saved you, didn't He? You didn't do it youself. It's not your goodness, your strength or your ability. It's HIS. If satan can keep us looking at our self...our weakness and lack of abilities then he has us where he can beat up on us...legally. How? Because as long as we are believing his lies, then we are walking after the flesh and the flesh will always fail in it's own strength and then you once again leave the door open for him to come back and remind you how weak of a person you are and what a failure you are, that's his merry-go-round, only it's not so merry, is it? he want's to keep it all about who you are in the flesh and your strength and your abilities, he wants to keep you focused on your flesh strength and ability and then he can get you to believe you need to try harder an harder and we all know what happens to us when we start relying on our own strength, we fall flat of our face, then up jumps slewfoot to beat up on us somemore, reminding us of how pitifully weak we are and what a miserable failure we are. If we are following his path of lies about us then we are not walking by the spirit of life. It should always be, about asking Him to show us His Heart on any matter, then after seeing the right thing to do and walk in, we ask Him to fill us and cause us to have the desire to want it. Then when we truly have the right desire but start trying to live it (out of our strength) and find that our flesh is fighting us and won't let us stick with it and we are getting worn out in trying , once again we then realize we are now trying to to do it in our strength again. That's the place where we will always struggle and get beat up on.

It's only the power of His Spirit that opens our eyes to the truth of His way. Then fills us with the desires to walk in them. Then He Himself rises up from within us, in His Power, to fulfill that desire and make walking it out a reality in our life. Just trust Him that He's going to do it and don't try to force things and try to make it happen. It will get done, in his time, in His strength and in His ability. Ask Him to rise up and be. Then be patient and know He Will In His Perfect Timing

So we must never forget what He says, (Matt 11: 28-30) Come to Me, All you who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I AM gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.

So, if we are in a battle, of which we all are, at one time or another and we are going threw whatever each person may be battling at their particular place in time, such as oppression, depression, hopelessness, worn out and in doubt or confussed, maybe thats a good place to stop and evaluate who's strength have we really called on and who's strength are we depending on. WE have to be as dependent little children (you can do nothing Without me) Hey! He means this literally. Be careful what you ask. Don't ask for Him to strengthen you, to be able to do something. Guess what? He won't ever strength your flesh to do anything. He died to kill that flesh. He's not going to turn around and now strengthen it for us to carry out His commands. We really know this but we don't always take notice of what our words are really asking. He calls this, ask amiss and He will not answer when we ask it amiss. We can't ask Him to strengthen us. We have to ask Him to rise up and be our strength to walk in whatever He may be calling us to walk in at the time. See the difference in the two way's we ask? There is a big difference. Everything that exists is in Him. He lives in us. Everything we could ever need is living in us. HE IS, Whatever you need. Whatever you need, HE IS. Oh! I hope I'm explaining this where it's understandable. If not, then I pray, Lord! let whoever read's this, to hear it as I heard it from you. In the name of Jesus I ask, Amen. Are we ready yet, to stop doing the driving? Will we do what's called of us to do? Pray for Him to rise up and come forth in power to perform His work, threw us. Will we pray and trust ? Then just climb in the Holy Ghost Wind- Mobile and let Him do the driving. Then just wait, in Him, until He get's us to the other side. PRAISE GOD!!! HE WILL DO IT!!!

Just know, whatever place you are at and whatever you are going through, as you are seeking to know-grow-love and be like him, He would say, "You are ok my child, this is the place from which I will work and bring you through to the other side. Stop trying to do it yourself and trust Me, I will do it. I will do it through you, So Saith The Lord God, All Mighty."

In His Love
Sharolyn Baldwin

Are You The Reason Your Family Is Dying?

Doug Morrell

God is faithful. God hates sin.

We all like to hear about and talk about how faithful He is to bless the righteous, but how often do you talk about or hear about the fact that God is just as faithful to punish the disobedient as He is faithful to bless the steadfast?

Let's take a look at how sin can devastate a man, a family, a church, a nation (Josh. 7). These discipleship principles of blessing and cursing are lessons for us as we travel on the pathway to maturity.

In Joshua 6:18 we learn that Achan underestimated God and didn't take his commands seriously. It may have seemed a small thing to Achan, but the effects of his sin were felt by the entire nation, especially his family.

Like Achan, our actions affect more people than just ourselves. Beware of the temptation to rationalize your sins by saying they are too small or too personal to hurt anyone but you.

Why did Achan's entire family pay for his sin? The Biblical record does not tell us if they were accomplices to his crime, but in the ancient world, the family was treated as a whole. Achan, as the head of his family, was like a tribal chief. If he prospered, the family prospered with him. If he suffered, so did they. Many Israelites had already died in battle because of Achan's sin. Now he was to be completely cut off from Israel.

Achan's entire family was to be stoned along with him so that no trace of the sin would remain in Israel. In our permissive and individualistic culture we have a hard time understanding such a decree, but in ancient cultures it was a common punishment. The punishment fit the crime: Achan had disobeyed God's command to destroy everything in Jericho; as a result everything that belonged to Achan had to be destroyed. Sin has drastic consequences, so we should take drastic measures to avoid it.

We should learn that it is through faithful meditation on His Word and faithful obedience to His commands which provide the key to blessing and abundance. Blessing follows obedience, judgment follows disobedience. Just as we learn that Achan's sin reveals the principle that no man lives to himself (Josh. 7), the sin of one can affect the lives of many.

None of us can ever afford to drop our guard; even one person's sins can weaken the life of a whole church. Deal with sin quickly and forthrightly. Leave no sin unconfessed or undealt with. Know this...unconfessed sin will become a snare.

Today, right now, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal sin in your life. Then repent asking God and those you've offended to forgive you. The Bible teaches that repentance is the pathway to restoration. I assure you, there is nothing you've done which God will not forgive. Trust me when I say that I've sinned greatly against the very One whom I love most dearly and He is just as faithful to punish the disobedient as He is faithful to bless the steadfast.

Grow in grace and truth,

doug morrell
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