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October 30, 2000


Stephen Hanson

JN 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
2 He was with God in the beginning.
3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.
4 In him was life, and that life was the light of men.
5 The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.
JN 1:14 The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

"I AM the word of truth and I AM the word that springs forth from your hearts. In the beginning I was with the Father; before the world and everything in it was created. I AM the written word that has been written down. There is no distinction between my Father and I. In Me there is no elevation of one above the other. Men have attempted to define what the Godhead means for many years. Some have gone so far as to say that the Son was created by the Father. It is a mystery, and yet it is very simple. By the word, the worlds were created. By a word, man was created. That very creative word brought everything into existence."

"By Me, men spoke....They were carried along by the "winds of the Holy Spirit." I came to this life in the form of a man, and I took on human flesh. I died and was resurrected and was brought back unto the Father. All of the Godhead was pleased to dwell within Me. A new earth and new heavens will be done in my name. "In the beginning there was the word, and the word was with God and the word WAS GOD. "

"I have given of our Holy Spirit. It now resides "inside you." Even though I have gone unto the Father, I have left my Spirit to be with you. It is the very Spirit that brought this world into existence. In Me all of the light of God is to be found. We have given of ourselves in order that you may all be one in us. I prayed that we would all be one even as I AM one with the Father. In your search for Me know that you are also in search for the Father. When you search for the Spirit, you have found Me as well. Remember, that He, the Holy Spirit, will bring you into "All truth." Part of that "all truth" is that there is no distinction. "

"The Spirit says, "COME!" "The Son says, "COME!" "The Father says, "COME!"

Stephen Hanson

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Jesus Makes Us One

Arab and Jewish Christians in Israel are praying together as violence in the Holy Land threatens to destroy peace efforts. A Palestinian Christian and an American-born Messianic Jew, both living in Jerusalem, spoke to Religion Today (Fri, 13 Oct 2000) about the situation. Christians from Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria met with Messianic Jews and other Christians from Israel and around the world in Jerusalem Oct. 1-10. About 1,200 Christians from 150 nations came to pray and tell what God is doing in their countries.

Violence broke out three days before the convocation began. "As fighting escalated, convocation leaders set aside their prepared program to worship God and pray," messianic leader Barry Segal said. "Because of the heavy spiritual tension and the violence, we took one night to just praise God and dispel the darkness." Arab and Christian leaders discussed their differences. "There was a time for Arabs to share and for Jews to share," Segal said. At the end he and a Palestinian pastor read from Romans 8:35: "Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword?"

The evening "was a tremendous move forward in terms of reconciliation and prayer for each other - to see the fulfillment of God's purposes for both communities," Segal said. Meanwhile, in the Sinai desert, Palestinian, Jewish, and Western Christians were praising God together at a celebration held by a Palestinian ministry. Twenty-two supporters of Musalaha, a ministry of reconciliation between Jewish and Arab Christians, spent three days at Mount Sinai "singing and listening to God - asking Him what He is calling us to do," Salim Munayer, a Palestinian Christian, said. "We prayed for hours in the desert, asking God for mercy. We knew the situation was bad but we continued on to show that there is another way to deal with this," Munayer said. Musalaha fosters reconciliation by inviting Arab and Jewish Christians to live and work together in the desert for three weeks. During that time, Munayer and others preach about the need for Christians to be reconciled to each other.

Palestinian and Jewish Christians in Israel are separated by politics and theological disagreements, but their common faith binds them together, Segal and Munayer said in separate interviews. Jewish and Arab Christians may not agree on all issues relating to the land of Israel and the Palestinian people, but they refuse to be divided, Munayer said. Palestinian and Messianic Jewish congregations formed a "ring of prayer" around Jerusalem, Segal said. Twelve ministries pray daily and worship God in two-hour shifts to keep a 24-hour "prayer watch" over the city, he said. There are about 5,000 Messianic Jews in 70 congregations and 3,000 "born-again" Palestinians in 40 churches in Israel and the West Bank territories, he said.

Christians outside Israel should pray for the peace of Jerusalem, Segal said. "Not necessarily a political peace, but the peace that passes all understanding. Pray for the Prince of Peace to return." Christians should not place blame or use prophecy to justify the violence, but instead should pray for the protection of all people in Israel, Munayer said.

Source: Religion Today

Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem

Blessings to everyone!

Please join in as we unite with one mind, heart and spirit praying for the peace of Jerusalem. On November 1st 6 p.m. Jerusalem time multitudes around the world will stand before the throne of God together to pray.

Sent: Thursday, October 26, 2000 1:46 AM
Subject: Special Jerusalem Report

Just Imagine... For one minute Jews of all backgrounds, nationalities and affiliations will be united, overlooking the differences that so blindly divide us, to share the love and heritage that bind us together for 3000 years. For one minute, our voices will be joined together in the same thought, united in the same concern of love for Israel, our fellow Jews and world peace.

For one minute, all our spiritual, emotional and physical resources will be united together in the quest for a true and lasting peace.

Just as the Jews of Israel stand together for moments of silence and respect each spring in honor of the 6 million and our fallen soldiers, let us all join together to take a stand for our future.

Calculate your local time to coincide with Israel at 6:00 p.m., which will be 11:00 am eastern standard time (New York), 10:00 am central time(Chicago) and 8:00 am pacific coast time (Los Angeles), 5:00 pm in Paris, 4:00 pm in London, and 2:00 pm in Sao Paulo.

Barbara Richmond


Susan Palmer

"Precious savior,

We cry out to you with all that is within us.

We long for you Jesus. We long for you. We need you Lord, we acknowledge that we can do nothing without you.

Rend the heavens and come down oh Lord we pray, in the power of your Glory.

Touch we pray our lives, and fill us to overflowing with your loveliness and your love.

Transform us we pray into your image by your Holy Spirit, that we may radiate your majesty upon the earth and draw others to you oh Christ.

We rely totally on you oh God for spiritual wisdom and reject the wisdom of this world and the world's system.

Deliver us oh Lord from the distractions and seductions all around us, and draw us into your presence we pray.

Seal your Word within our hearts, and put an insatiable hunger within us for your Word that we may return unto the hidden manna of the living Word.

Help us to understand the lateness of the hour oh Lord, and daily see that our lamps are filled with oil out of the vat of your presence.

May we not just believe IN YOU God, but may we live faith-filled lives BELIEVING YOU GOD.

We are made for divine life, living in a lifestyle of covenant blessings, of health, with more than enough, evidencing the fruit of the Holy Spirit, and demonstrating your Word in Power upon the earth.

God's seed is in us, and it is good seed. We are to be fruitful upon the earth, multiply, and have dominion.

Cause us to meditate daily upon your goodness oh God, with grateful hearts, not forgetting where we have come from, and the mercies and Grace you have given us.

May we speak words of worship and praise to you dear Lord, filling our atmosphere with our adoration of you.

Cause us to listen more intently than ever for that still, small voice, with trusting hearts, and obedient spirits.

Help us to enter into your rest we pray, lying in your arms at the end of each day, casting our cares at your feet.

Give us your Father's heart for each other, for the Body of Christ and those who are lost. Forgive us we pray for any bitterness and unforgiveness within us. We desire to love with the love of Jesus.

May we be people of vision, that we do not perish. You delight to respond to a people of faith.

May our prayers be as incense in your throneroom oh God we pray"

S. Palmer

Prophetic Proclamations

By Jill Austin

This past month the Lord has given me fresh revelation which, I believe, will be a confirmation to many of you. These proclamations are like a tapestry of mysteries that will unravel gradually across the seasons of our prophetic journeys.

  • The Next Move of God is a Realm of Glory - with signs and wonders coming to prepare us for the end time judgments. He is crying out for a dwelling place, for a people whose hearts are ablaze with love for His Son. The Lord wants a marriage between the prophetic, intercession and worship to usher in His glory, to enable the bride to endure the persecution and martyrdom that lies ahead.

  • A Seer Anointing Released A mystical realm is opening where we can go into the heavens and receive fresh revelation. Some will literally travel to the heavenly war-room to obtain God's wisdom and strategies for His bride. Returning to earth with His blueprint plans, they will be able to mobilize troops into the nations.

  • Healing Rooms These will explode all over the world. Also, healing teams will go to hospitals and to places in the world where epidemics are breaking out.

  • Josephs Come Forth - Joseph Companies of apostolic men and women who deal with the movement of resources and people are being established in the nations. This is strategic for global purposes! God is releasing "Joseph" from the dungeon in preparation for these catastrophic world events. Even though many nations are experiencing a time of affluence as in Joseph's days it's a time for God's people to prepare.

  • A Season of Paradigm Shifts These Joseph Companies will emerge and confront the "Pharaohs" of our age. Some will have great favor and the course of nations will be changed as they give divine revelation and move in signs and wonders.

  • Martyrdom - Other nations will be judged as these "Josephs" shake the evil world systems with the government of God. Many will be martyred as Satan vomits his rage upon the earth with unprecedented fury.

  • An Anointing for Land and Buildings Extravagant giving will result in God releasing abundant revelation for the end times. Prayer warriors in the Kingdom are going to cry out for territory and God will give it to them. Architects, builders, and bankers will release money and resources to establish beachheads.

  • The Rod of God - Governmental and financial shifting is taking place as God moves heaven and earth to establish His Kingdom. He is raising up apostolic and prophetic men and women in the secular marketplace. These power brokers will be given the authority to move huge financial resources and even stop wars. God will give them great wisdom to enable them to contend with rulers and leaders in international political arenas.

  • Protestant Monastic Communities The global prayer movement will birth communities. These ecumenical prayer communities will explode throughout the earth and link with Catholic, Episcopal, Messianic, Orthodox, etc. movements, bringing healing to the Body of Christ. Many will be international embassies - governmental headquarters of the King of Kings.

  • Prophetic Servant Communities These multi-faceted and multi-layered communities will train, equip and send forth the "troops". The Lord is raising up diversified groups around the globe with different mandates and callings. Training centers, healing rooms, missionary schools, communication centers, etc. will also emerge.

  • Generational Blessing - Mothers and Fathers will come forth to mentor the generations. A family of believers encompassing the widows, divorced, married, singles, and all ethnic groups, young and old alike, will be coming together as never before.

  • Humility - A Low Humble Door - A place of common equality. People will lay down positions of ministry, jobs and titles to go through a low, humble door. It will be an "unrobing" to come in but we will be embraced and "redressed" in the garments of the Lord.

  • A Time to Prepare - In birthing these communities, I believe God is telling us we have time to get ready before evil rulers are solidified and put into place. See Psalms 2! This is a time to prepare for the end time judgments; a time to build communities, sanctuaries, and cities of refuge before the economy crashes.

  • A Grass Roots Jesus People Movement - Many people will return to the land and be drawn into a simple lifestyle free from debt, home schooling or schools within the community, and raising their own food. Silos for grain, medical clinics and different types of structures for housing will be built. Self-sustaining communities will be giving to the poor. Y2K was merely a dress rehearsal.

  • Prophetic Destinies are Being Accelerated by God's Timetable - There's a fresh shaking and realigning of the players to get people into their destiny and call. Two radically opposing kingdoms are emerging and becoming clearly visible on the world's scene. Signs and wonders will increase in the Kingdom of God to counteract the renewed Satanic Revival unleashed on the world.

The Holy Roar

Becky McLendon

Oh can you hear it?
It's the song of the redeemed,
The pursuit of passion,
For the One who set us free!

Oh can you hear it?
We are crying out for MORE.
Listen to our song!
It's becoming a holy roar!

And we come rejoicing and singing
and crying out to You, Lord
Can you hear the holy roar!

Taken from THE ROAD TO ONE DAY, Passion CD

More and more the Lord keeps impressing on me the scripture: "Let the redeemed of the Lord SAY so." In addition He has planted in my spirit the "groan of creation," which cries out for His fulfillment! There is a company of the redeemed which is rising up in this hour with a holy ROAR that declares across this earth that a KING is coming and nothing that man and his mere agenda can stop it.

It's the roar of the Plan of God.
It's the roar of Deliverance of the captives.
It's the roar of the spirit of Wisdom and Understanding
It's the roar of the spirit of Counsel and of Might
It's the roar of the Fear of the Lord.
It's the roar that says "Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord."
It's the roar that says, "I know GOD."
It's the roar that says, "The kingdoms of this world have been weighed in the measure and found lacking in truth."
It's the roar that says to the world systems, "Your kingdom has been numbered and has an end to it."
It's the roar that says, "The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdom of our LORD."
It's the roar that says, "Though none go with me yet I will follow."
It's the roar that says, "I love You Lord, with all my heart, all my soul, and all my might."v It's the roar that says to one's neighbor, " I love you with a sacrificial love."
It's the roar that says, "Be it unto me according to Thy word, oh Lord."
It is the roar of a people who are "in this world, but not of it."
It is the roar that says "Woe is me. I am undone! "
and then in the next breath
says "Here am I Lord! Send me."
It is the sound of a Holy Roar
Do you hear it?
Do you hear it in your own heart?
Let the Redeemed of the Lord say so!

Amen. Becky (Wayfarer)


William C. Yount

I saw the Body of Christ plowing with great difficulty in the field of labor. Finally our plow seemed to hit a stump in the field and we couldn't go any further. With all our efforts and praying this stump remained unmovable and steadfast. Our hearts were broken for we knew God had placed us here to plow in this great field of Harvest. But this "stump" in the field was stopping us.


I then heard the Lord say," You have hit treasure. This is no ordinary stump of an ordinary tree. You have just hit the base of the tree of Calvary. It's the cross growing in your field! You must not, I repeat, you must not remove it. It is growing in your field to remove you out of the way from hindering My Harvest." You will have to embrace this cross and die before I can release resurrection power into your field of labor. As we beheld the cross growing in our field, we began to experience a "Severe Pruning" in our spiritual giftings, especially in the area of the prophetic. He was cutting and pruning us back to bring forth a more sure word. He was adjusting our gifts, callings and ministries to bring forth the fruit of "Servant Hood" in our lives. I felt the Lord say, "Your giftings are showing more than your fruit. You are embarrassing Me!"


I then remembered right before the cross they beat on Jesus and cried out to Him--Prophesy to us! But He didn't...there are times you don't prophesy--you just show others how to die to self, giftings, and plans. As we embrace the cross, death and surrender will bring forth fruit that will remain to bring in the Harvest. In fact fruit is the Harvest--it will bring it in. In Italy they have discovered that grape vines produce more fruit when grown on cross-like poles. They get more sunshine and fresh air.

Many are spiritually "stumped" in their lives, families and ministries. They feel they are at a cross-roads and are looking for a fresh word from heaven to tell them what to do. Many are asking. "Lord, should I go this way or that way?" But I sense the Lord saying, "Go this way -|- spread out your arms. You are not at a cross- roads, you are at the cross." Have you been betrayed? You are nearing your cross. Have you been rejected? You are getting closer. Don't run now. If you miss your crucifixion--you will miss your resurrection!

Bill Yount

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