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October 22, 2000

ICEJ / Shaw Israel Update





Thank you------ Thank you----- Thank you----- Thank you. Please sit down. Shalom to all of you! Shalom to you our friends.

I would like to welcome you, here in Jerusalem, the capital of the Jewish people for the last 3000 years, and the united and undivided capital of the State of Israel forever.

You that - you know the Bible well. Jerusalem is mentioned 667 times as Jerusalem, and another 154 times says Zion. And the name, David, king of Israel, is mentioned in the Bible 1023 times.

Without saying anything bad about any other faith, Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Koran, even one time. In our books of our wise men, called "Imrot Chazal," Jerusalem is mentioned 3000 times. You know the Bible. When you visit the Holy Land, you'll see the guidebook. That's a unique place in the world, where places kept their old names for thousands of years.

Jerusalem is "Yerushalayim", and Bethlehem is "Beit Lechem", and the Jordan is "Ha Yarden", and Hebron is "Hevron" for thousands of years. It's Hevron! And Jericho is "Yericho", and "Har Carmel" is Mount Carmel, and "Har Tavor" is Mount Tabor, and "Har Gilboa" is Mount Gilboa, and Shiloh, which is "Shi'lo", and Bethel, which is "Beit El", and they can go along all the map of this holy land, and you see that you can hold the Bible in your hands.

And sometimes I envy, because you can hold the Bible and you don't need any guidebook, you don't need any explanations.

Now I mentioned Hebron, the town, the city, where King David was crowned, and ruled Israel from there for seven and a half years. And in Hevron there is a monument, a monument of thousands of years. Who got such a monument?

Where all the forefathers and foremothers of the nation are buried! Avraham [and] Sara, Yitchak [and] Rivkah, Yaakov [and] Leah. All is there. Everything is here. The land of Israel is holy, not only for the Jews. It's holy for the Jews; it's holy for the Christians - no doubt about that. It's holy for the Muslims. But, it was promised only to the Jews.

Now fifty-two years ago, I had a merit and a privilege to participate as a young platoon commander in the heaviest battles, to open the road to Jerusalem, which was besieged then by the Palestinians and by the Jordanian army. Very heavy battles. Many, many casualties.

Myself I was very badly wounded then. In those days I did not think that after fifty years we will be struggling again in order to defend Jerusalem. And that['s] what happened. And Jerusalem is at stake - you have to know that.

So we defended Jerusalem during the War of Independence. We liberated the Temple Mount during the Six-Day War. And now again, suddenly, after all those years, we have to defend Jerusalem again, and we need your help! We need your support.

And now when we saw all those horrible days in the recent weeks, and we have, we ask ourselves: "What are the conclusions? What is the main conclusion that we have to draw from what we have seen?" And I can say here, I have been saying that for many, many years, but today I heard that again also the Prime Minister said that: All the blame should be put for all this bloodshed on Arafat.

But the main lesson that we can draw is that only if Jerusalem will be united and undivided under full Israeli sovereignty, only then it will be freedom of access to everyone to go to the holy places, to everyone, [whether] it be a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim, anyone. When we saw the hatred, when we saw what happened there, that the only way really to secure, I would say, free access to all holy places - for everyone - is only if Israel will have full sovereignty over Jerusalem. ---- Thank you.

There['s] another lesson. That the Oslo agreement, which was very dangerous from the beginning, almost it was something which was impossible to implement. Now, everyone understands that nothing can come out of it. And as a matter of fact, again the man that should be regarded responsible for that, who violated all the paragraphs and every line. There is Arafat. And that Oslo agreement doesn't exist anymore. It's null and void!

And then, at the Camp David meeting, though Israel, the Israeli Prime Minister, has gone further than any other former prime minister in the land, in the State of Israel, if it's from the Labour, or from the national bloc, no one, or national unity government, no one ever thought they can go and make such concessions.

He decided, he came, put everything on the table without really getting anything in return, anything! But Arafat, when he saw the weakness, he demanded more. And as he did in the past, every time that he could not have got everything that he wanted, immediately he started with violence. As a matter of fact he has done that all those years - nothing new here. And no doubt that Israel was brought to a very complicated situation.

Now, as a result of that Camp David understandings, or American ideas, that if Arafat will accept them, Israel will accept them. Look, the Jews have been living now as people for four thousand years. And this great nation has to wait now to see if Arafat will accept it or not accept it?

So, one must understand, all of us are committed to peace, all of us. And myself, that I had that experience, and I saw all the horrors and fears of wars. And I had the merit to command maybe the best units and formations of the Israeli army. And I went through the ranks. I started from a rank of a corporal, or even say private first class, and I went all the way up.

I saw my friends being killed. Myself I was badly wounded - twice. I felt those terrible pains in hospitals. And I had to take decisions of life and death, of others and of myself. Believe me, I understand the importance of peace, I may say, better than many of the politicians that speak about peace and never had that experience.

But for me, peace should provide security for the Jewish people. And not for a month, and not until elections will take place here, or in another, very friendly country. Nothing to do with that. It should be peace; it should be true peace; it should be the right peace; it should be peace for generations.

Of course it should be peace with Jerusalem united and undivided as the capital of Israel. I know that you know that. Altogether, I could have been sitting here, that what I really expected, and you will be singing. That's what I expected. I'll sit quietly here and I'll hear the songs [about Jerusalem]. But you know these things.

You have to know one thing: The Jews - and I am a Jew - I am first of all, I am Jew, and for me to be a Jew is the most important thing. The Jews are having one, tiny, small country. You know, every day in the headlines, it's even hard to realize how small this country is. It's a great country.

It's a small country but it's a great country. And that is the only place in the world where the Jews are having the right and the power to defend themselves, by themselves. And for that, we have to thank God, every day, and one should be very careful not to harm that capability, and not to bring this tiny small country to be dependent upon anyone, even our best friends. No one - we can be dependent upon ourselves!

We are all committed to peace. I told you that. But, when Oslo agreement [inaudible] don't exist, when Camp David, we saw already what it was. We have to look for another way. I'm not going to bother you, because I'm still expecting the songs.

I would just like to tell you one thing. It should be a different process, a different direction. I discussed that with the Prime Minister several times. In the Middle East, being surrounded by dictatorships, by totalitarian regimes, that's one of the problems. If Israel had been surrounded by democracies, maybe Israel could have taken more risks. But that's not the situation here.

So, the most important factor here is the time factor. Because written agreements are never worth the paper they're written on. In order really to try and see what can be done, we need a longer period, something maybe like non-belligerency, during which we'll have to check the development of relations between us and the Arabs, the Palestinians. And to be very very careful. Very, very careful.

We have to check the development of relations and cooperation when it comes to struggling against terror and the world is facing, and that may be the main problem in the future: is facing a great danger of radical Islamic terror. And by now the Palestinian Authority never took any serious steps against infrastructure. Sometimes when we provide them with the intelligence, they may arrest somebody for a few days - they will release them later - but, they never took steps against the infrastructure of the Hamas movement or the Islamic Jihad movement. So, we have to watch how it develops.

We have to watch development in economy, how it's going to be, how it's going to work. We live here in open borders. And we have, maybe, more than everything, we have to see what are the steps that are taken in order to educate people from their early age, to educate them and prepare them for peace, and to stop incitement.

You are praying, you are reading the Bible - believe me, much more interesting - and you don't see the most terrible incitement in the Arab media, in the Arab press. Even now, it's unbelievable. So I think that everyone should be educated to live in peace - everyone.

But when it comes to the Palestinians, when you see the Arab neighbours, Israel is not mentioned on the maps, not in Jordan, not in Egypt - we have peace with them for long time - peace that myself I supported. Israel is not mentioned in any textbooks, only as the worst enemy that should be destroyed - that also should change.

So I would say, therefore, we have to follow very carefully and slowly how it develops. And meanwhile of course, to enable, you know there is a famous play that says it's hard to be a Jew. It's good to be a Jew, but it's hard to be a Jew. But I can say, frankly, it's also hard to be a Palestinian.

So we have to find a way, how we can do in this long-term interim agreement, it should be long-term interim agreement, with no timetable, but with the list of expectations, that we have to check on the time how it develops. I will say, in general terms, that is the answer to the question, "How should we go from here?" That's the way I believe that we can move forward.

You know, there is an impression, how it when you see, when you read - that Israel is weak. Israel is not weak. Israel is strong militarily; Israel is strong economically.

Maybe, but also, one can not speak in generalities here, maybe some of us, let's say getting apart from Judaism - and I am a secular man - getting away from Judaism. Their roots are not as deep as they should be, in order to face the problems that we have here in this country.

And therefore, everyone should learn the Bible more, should know the history of the Jewish people, should know that history of the land of Israel, should know something about Jewish wisdom, should know about the fact that Jews never left this country - there were Jews that never left this country for thousands of years!

I speak about education, everyone knows education takes a long time. As I said once, if I could have become - and I heard your preachers - I said if I could have become a Jewish preacher, maybe I could have solved some of these problems. But because we know that we speak about a process that takes a long time, we need support and help of our friends.

And we regard you to be of our best friends that we have around the world - that's how we feel. And I believe that if we will behave let's say, with more self-confidence, will show more will power and more determination, and with your help, I'm sure that we will be able to reach, and implement, the dreams and hopes of all of us.

Shalom and Chag Sameach!


Pastor Francis Frangipane

Early this morning the Lord gave me a special word that I hope will be as living to you as it was to me. At the moment of my awakening, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, "What you give over, I will take over."

The Marriage of Faith And Humility

We cannot advance spiritually without both faith and humility. Indeed, faith without humility inevitably becomes presumption, while humility without faith never ascends above oppression.

Consider: Faith's nature, in part, is to possess the promises of God. Israel was commanded by the Almighty to possess the Promised Land. Scriptures tell us that, without faith it is impossible to please God and that, whatever is done without faith is sin (Heb 11:6; Rom 14:23). Thus, faith unites the human heart to God. As a result, the sinful appropriate God's righteousness and those who were dead gain access to God's life. Christianity without faith is like a computer without electricity: the circuits of "proper knowledge" may be in place, but there is no light, no power nor functionality.

Yet, where faith possesses, humility surrenders. Consider Christ as our example. There will be a time when every knee will bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord (Phil 2:10-11); the kingdoms of this world will finally become the kingdom of our Lord (Rev 11:15). However, Christ's reaction to subduing the world is He then "delivers up the kingdom to the . . . Father" (1 Cor 15:24). This is the humility of Christ: what He conquers, He then surrenders. In America we want the first part, having faith to conquer, but we're not sure we want the second part, giving it back to God. Yet, this is the pattern of those who have followed God: Abraham believes God and a son is born; humility takes Isaac, and offers him back to God. David conquers Jerusalem, then dedicates it to the Lord, calling it the "city of God."

You see, the motive behind the exercise of our faith must mature until what we've appropriated through faith becomes an offering we now surrender back to God. Our goal is not only to create a better life here, but, through surrender, to extend the Kingdom of God to earth. Faith brings to earth heaven's provisions; surrender brings God's presence into those provisions.

Our Tithe And God's Heart

So, what we give over to God He promises to take over. Here is where true faith expands into the higher levels of Christlikeness. Yet conversely, we should also realize: what we withhold from God, we also isolate from His ability to inhabit and multiply. This is why the Bible says our tithe is holy unto the Lord. If we give a minimum of one tenth of our income back to God and His purposes, we are releasing into His hands the opportunity for supernatural supply.

I'm not merely talking about money, but faith and surrender. However, tithing is a big part of our becoming complete in God. Why? We demonstrate that our trust is in God. You say, "Francis, are you trying to put your hand in my pocket?" No, I'm trying to put your hand in God's pocket, where you are able to prosper not in the accumulation of things, but in the expansion of God in all the things of your life.

I have nothing to gain from you in teaching this. I don't take a salary from the church and the housing allowance I receive, I then surrender to the work of the Lord. What my faith possesses, my humility surrenders. I am merely sharing a principle. Likewise, I desire that you also enjoy the best that God has for you.

You say, "But I'm not making enough to tithe. I'm going to run out of money." Well, if you think you're going to run out anyway, run out into God's arms, run out trusting Him. In fact, He promises,

"Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in My house, and test Me now in this," says the Lord of hosts, "if I will not open for you the windows of heaven, and pour out for you a blessing until it overflows. Then I will rebuke the devourer for you, so that it may not destroy the fruits of the ground; nor will your vine in the field cast {its grapes}," says the Lord of hosts. And all the nations will call you blessed. . ." (Mal 3:10-12).

Again, I'm not talking about money alone, but the issues that speak of the very quality of our lives. Many are suffering from a spiritual "devourer," an enemy that drains away energy, time and resources so that you never seem to have enough. The Lord is saying, "Turn over your finances to Me and I will turn over my resources to you. I will destroy that which is destroying you."

A Widow Whom God Used

There's a wonderful story that exemplifies this principle of faith and surrender. During a terrible famine, the Lord told Elijah to, "Go to Zarephath... I have commanded a widow there to provide for you." (I Kings 17:9). Please note, the Lord did not command a wealthy businessman to provide for Elijah, but a destitute widow. We enter the story with the woman, facing starvation, about to prepare a meager last meal for herself and her son. Yet, though she is not an Israelite, she greets Elijah with faith, saying, "As the Lord your God lives. . ." (vs 12)

God's way to activate her faith and to bring her into a supernatural provision was to require her to give over the little she had to fulfill the purpose of God. What seemed like an insensitive, even cruel command, Elijah ordered her to feed him first, and then take food for herself. Although she knew not the plan and provision of God, Elijah knew and he urged her into both faith and surrender. As a result, God provided for her miraculously: "The bowl of flour was not exhausted nor did the jar of oil become empty" until the famine broke. (vs 16)


Denise and I had a time in our lives when we were nearly destitute. Yet, even when we had little, we always tithed. We honored the Lord from the first of our increase. Our giving in faith and surrender gave us many testimonies of the Lord. Remember, when Jesus fed the 5000, the original five loaves and two fish came from a little boy. He could have hoarded his little stock of food, but he didn't. Instead, he turned them over to the Lord and God took over in power.

When I hear people say, "I can't afford to give," I immediately say, "Listen, you can't afford not to give." When faith is activated and surrender perfected, God steps into our lives. I want you to have a testimony of God's supply, where each of us can say, "God came through for me." I'm not saying that we must abandon common sense, but remember, Jesus multiplied the little in a time of need. God multiplied the widow's provisions during a drought. Maybe it's in the times of need that we should surrender the most.

The faith God develops as we give is the same faith that comes through us when we lay hands on the sick. Our faithfulness with money shows Jesus that we can be trusted with greater things such as miracles. Why live in the pitiful little realm of unbelief when we can have the provisions of the Most High?

Recently, I spoke at a conference in Mississippi. Our host, a pastor from Jackson, was only going to be able to attend one meeting due to a business commitment that was going to take him to South America for a week. The trip would have probably secured a financial increase, yet the Lord spoke to this young man to stay at the conference. Struggling at first, he decided to obey the Lord and put his income into God's hands. One hour after he decided to stay, he received a phone call from Russia for an order that was the largest his company ever had, which would keep them busy for the following year!

Christ Our Pattern

The key to how Jesus always had what He needed is revealed in John 17:10. Praying to the Father, Jesus said, "All things that are Mine are Thine." Jesus surrendered all. Thus, He could continue with confidence in His prayer, "and [what things are] Thine are Mine." So, also with us: Make this a sincere act of surrender.

Beloved, whatever we have was God's in the first place anyway. To those who give all to Him, He says, "What's Mine is thine." We exchange our little for God's much. Whether it is with our finances, our families, our future or our past, the key to unlocking the destiny of God is faith and surrender. What we give over, He will take over.


by Ron Wood

The season of major transition is upon us now. Yom Kippur is Israel's highest holy day. In the Bible, the High Priest would enter the Holy of Holies on this day only, to intercede for the people's sins. In the New Testament, our Savior fulfilled this type and pattern by His own blood shed on the cross. Yom Kippur occurs Oct 9th this year. In Jewish tradition, this is an occasion to pray the Kol Nidre, meaning "all my vows." This prayer asks for an annulment of all the vows the people were unable to keep the year before. It is forgiveness and release from broken promises. It is also a time of fresh consecration to God.

Across America, thousands of believers in Jesus are now fasting and praying. It is a season of struggle against the flesh so that things of the Sprit can prevail. It is a time for self-denial so that God's kingdom can increase. It is a time for ambition to die and for obedience to be paramount. While many are praying for the welfare of America in the upcoming election, there is a higher purpose to our devotion- to see God's kingdom come, to see repentance and revival, to see Jesus honored in the land. On October first, the Lord spoke to me and said, "I have an October Surprise." I sensed in His words a divine pleasure, as though it were a gift He had been waiting and longing to bestow, awaiting the fulness of times in order for its season to arrive. But I didn't know what this meant. I began to seek the Lord for what this could mean.

Today, I feel I have gained additional insight concerning this word. I believe God showed me three things that are now intersecting in God's timetable. These things are coming into alignment on God's calendar on earth even as they have already been in preparation in heaven. Chronos has now synchronized with Kairos. The fullness of time has arrived. Now it shall spring forth speedily, at least to our earthly eyes. In fact, it has been approaching steadily for a long time but unseen by most.

These three things are: Increased prophetic authority, maturation of the Intercessory Prayer Movement, and the sudden release of extravagant resources to finish building God's house.

To expand on these areas, what I see is: 1) authority to confront the powers that confuse and captivate nations, people groups, and churches; 2) authority through the addition of fatherly intercession to change the times and seasons and bring God's people into their inheritance; and 3) a sovereign transfer of stored up wealth into the hands of God's builders so that the house of the Lord may be completed and filled with God's glory. The Lord gave me three confirming scriptures: Jeremiah 1:5-12; Daniel 9: 1-19, 1 Chron. 29:1-20.

There is a reason for these events to happen now. For all of God's dealings, there has to be a fulness of time. God's prophetic timetable has a pregnancy factor. The word is spoken, then the Spirit broods over it, and then it finally comes forth in due season. What seems immediate is actually the result of a long process of gestation and labor. Just like seasonal changes, there is an ebb and flow until we realize a new season has taken hold. In the natural, Israel's fate often reflects what is about to occur in the church. (Even as we share this, turmoil is mounting in Jerusalem. A major conflict seems imminent.)

Now I am going to sum up the three things that are intersecting and then apply them prophetically to the church. It is important that you read the three scripture references I have cited above.


The authority that has been exercised in the prophetic office has been thus far limited. It will now escalate to a new level of authorization by God. The refiners fire has purged, refined, and in some cases, destroyed as unuseable the character of God's prophetic servants. Prophetic gifts have tantalized and been toyed with, but the office of the prophet is now being elevated by the Lord. Ambassadorial credentials are being bestowed.

That office of the prophet is no longer going to be subject to illegal control. By that, I mean leaders who are interested in building up their own little kingdom or controlling their people rather than be burdened for the welfare of the whole church in the city will no longer be able to merchandise the anointing or exploit their prophetic gifts. The prophetic anointing will no longer be subject to manipulation or intimidation. Awesome increase of fearful accuracy will frighten those who live in sin. Jesus owns the prophets and they are not for sale at any price.

Jeremiah's anointing was to tear down as well as to build up. In tender mercy, with delicate but unrelenting patience, the Lord will demolish man-made structures and traditions. He will break a few tables and knock a few heads in cleansing His temple. He will hurt us to help us. The good will give way to the best. What Father did not plant will be uprooted. What God did not build will be shaken. The weakness of the present pastoral foundation of the church will become apparent in order that we may begin to cry out for the true foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Jesus Christ as the chief cornerstone. The upside-down church will get righted.

In particular, the Lord will allow the Jezebel spirit to run its course through the religious institutions. He will do this so that we may see its fruit, repent, and turn away from false authority. It will become apparent that the ordinary office of pastoral leadership, as necessary and wonderful as it may be, is not adequate to deal with nor is it designed to to uncover, confront, or destroy the place Jezebel has occupied-- unhindered and often unrecognized-- in the church.

I now see why Jesus chose for His front line masculine disciples, a rough core group who had not an ounce of religion in them, all but one, that is, Judas. He had to have men for the foundation of His church that were free of religious manipulation from Jezebel's miasma. God is uncovering Jezebel in order to rebuild the foundation of His church, free of idolatry and wickedness.


The second factor in God's timetable is the continuing maturation and effectiveness of intercessory prayer. This is typified by Daniel, a statesman-prophet and true intercessor. He was faultless and methodical in his praying. He kept himself righteous even while he served a heathen ruler. He never lost sight of God's plan. He prayed it into existence. This is truly spiritual warfare, using spiritual weapons to achieve strategic measurable results including the liberation and welfare of people and the salvation of souls and the building up of the body of Christ.

Daniel played a role in the delivery of God's "prophetic baby." He served the purpose of God by seeing and saying what God's calendar predicted. He saw the fulness of time coming to a conclusion. He knew God's Word, discerned the times, and labored in travail for the season to change. He identified with the sins of God's people and interceded for God's promises to come to pass. He prayed with authority because He knew what God had promised. He was heard because he was righteous, because he prayed according to God's will, and because he used the persistence of true faith.

Spiritual warfare involves testimony, prayer, praise, preaching, prophecy and proclamation. These are things we do with our words. We form weapons with our mouth. These words inspired by God become articles of war that defeat Satan and dislodge his influence. High praises are especially powerful as tools of war. Intercessory prayer, standing in the gap for others, is especially blessed of God. With words we bless men, exalt Christ, affirm our faith, and weaken and evict the demons. We cleanse our house with words. Words are weapons, especially when they are divinely inspired and prophetically timed.

What I am seeing is that the intercessory prayer movement, one of the largest mobilizations of the Body of Christ in human history, will now move to a new level of maturity. Up to this point in time, it has been mostly led by wonderfully dedicated women. This is well and good and I mean for nothing I say to take away from what they have done and are still doing. But I see that a new phase is dawning. It can be symbolized by a change that occurred in my lifetime in the delivery rooms of hospitals.

When my two children were born, Woman's Hospital did not allow fathers to be present at births. It was official hospital policy. But a few months after my last child was delivered, they changed their policy. I missed the chance to be in on that precious moment. Now, fathers may enter the delivery room.

Today, God is inviting men into the delivery room. All men, not just those called to minister the Word. We are being welcomed to enter in to the work of the Lord, to travail in birth for God's will to be done on earth. But in this process a new breed of God's generals will emerge. These are apostolic fathers who not only know how to marshal the troops and lead the battle, they will also be men of much prayer who know how to engage in spiritual birthing. They will be wrestlers who prevail in prayer over the enemy in order that their city may be liberated. Am example of this is Carlos Annocondia. His exploits have been chronicled in books and articles. He travails in prayer, gains power over the devil, then preaches to set men free. As a result, whole cities have been evangelized.

The prophetic intercessory prayer movement is about to have another layer added to it. It will be called apostolic intercession, the combining of ruling and praying, of the kingly office and the priestly function, the apostle and the prophet. On top of this development, the Lord will release the final ingredient to insure our success- abundant financial resources.


King David laid up resources for Solomon to construct the temple. He also inspired the people to give extravagantly toward the completion of the building. He made their giving an act of worship, saying "Now who is willing to consecrate himself today to God?" (1 Chron. 29:5)

In our day, the completion of the house of God has been hindered by two errors. First, we thought the house of God was a physical building located on a piece of land. In reality, God's house is the Body of Christ. That body needs facilities to meet in, but God's house is the people, not the bricks. God dwells in relationships, not in buildings. Second, we have built the traditional church on the wrong foundation. We have built it based on pastors rather than apostles and prophets. As a result, it does not reveal God's glory. In the houses we build, the priests have no problem standing because God's glory is routinely absent. The fullness of Christ is not revealed to the degree it should be. Why? Because it was not built according to the divine pattern. I am not saying this to build a case for apostles and prophets, just to say the current situation is unbiblical. God is now addressing this area in order to correct it.

What does this have to do with end-time transfer of wealth? Just this: The financial control of modern churches and seminaries has been (with very few exceptions) in the power of pastors or teachers. This statement of fact is not meant to indict pastors. Instead, properly understood, it should be a relief. Pastors have been the unsung suffering heroes of the Body of Christ. Pastors and their wives have suffered slings and arrows and satanic assaults and have still faithfully tended the flock through it all. But unfortunately, they have been drained and burned out, many having left the ministry having had to do things they were never given grace by God to do. We owe all pastors a huge debt of appreciation.

When we minister inside our sphere of grace, authority, and anointing, we don't burn out. We carry the load with ease. The foundation gift ministries of the church are apostles and prophets. The church is not built on the foundation of pastors and teachers. It is built on the foundation of apostles and prophets (Eph. 2:20).Therefore, in order for God to release the abundant resources he has stored up for completing the work, he is inspecting the building site of His house to see if we are removing the pieces that were put in the wrong place and inserting the right pieces into proper place. It is a matter or placement and alignment.

God is a good builder. God will not pay for what he does not first approve. He reserves the right to inspect the building site. If we get His permit to continue, He releases the funds to build further. When the foundation of God's house is built according to His specifications, He will release the riches of heaven into the right hands. God is about to invest in apostles and prophets. But here is a warning: If we don't repent quickly, the payment will be delayed in transit.

Zechariah was a prophet of restoration. What he described for Israel has an end-time application in the church as well. He saw the high priest, the Branch (a Messianic foreshadowing), the one who will build the temple of the Lord (apostles are wise-master-builders). He will rule on his throne (apostles are primarily gifted in government in the church), he will be a priest on his throne (one necessary function of prophets is to intercede and pray for the people as the Spirit wills), and the "counsel of peace will be between the two offices." (Zech. 6:11-15). In other words, there will be a union between the offices of apostle and prophet. There, the Lord commands the blessing. There, the crown of silver and gold will adorn his head. There, the glory and the wisdom will be revealed. There, the gold and the silver will be placed as an adornment. Then, money will be no object.

God is not broke. He has stored up the wealth which we need in order to finish the work of building God's house. Everything our generation has amassed, the internet e-tech fortunes, the entertainers, the rich athletes, all of it is designed to serve God's purpose. A new partnership between businessmen and apostles will emerge. A new wealth-creation cycle between widows and prophets will appear. No spirit of Jezebel will choke off the funds anymore!

God has pre-positioned supplies all along our route. There is a rich storehouse of treasure and it is extravagant and abundant. There is no shortage of money with God. God's October Surprise includes the wealth of the nations being transferred into the builders hands, the foundation gifts of apostles and prophets, those who will lay the foundation for the future. The glory of the latter house will be greater than the former. In fact, there will be no comparison.

Ron Wood is a prophet and writer. He pastors Covenant Fellowship Church.

Grace To Change

Christopher Longgrear

There's a designated move of My Spirit blowing upon the Children of God. It's the grace to change! It's the fire of holiness! It's a purging for perfection! It's baptism into holy fire! It's the manifestation of My Spirit, bringing forth the righteousness of My People! It's the release of the spiritual nature of My recreated saints! It's the overpowering by spiritual realities into the lives and walks of My children!

I am manifesting My grace, upon My people, to accomplish My purposes! I am cleansing, purging, renewing, correcting, reproving and encouraging My people, that they may be a holy sacrifice unto Me, in My service to the world! Those that yield to this grace to change, will experience cleansing, healing, deliverance and restoration! Those that walk in this grace of change, will rise up in it, find strength in it, and shall be promoted by it! I am the God of all grace! My people walk by faith, and live by grace! They're to have faith in My grace for them!

Sense the call of the Spirit, to yield up the unfruitful works of darkness, and have it removed from your life by My Spirit. For I will command a cleansing to you, in like the manner of the thresher's sifting the chaff from the wheat! I'll remove the unclean from you, as you cry out to Me, and yield to My Spirit's wind of grace! I'll renew you and I'll command the release of angels to minister in your behalf, as you walk in My Spirit, abide in My word, and live in My love! For I am your holiness, and I give you grace to change!

A statement of the Redeemed

Becky McLendon

Lord I thank You for Who you are. You spoke in the beginning I AM. Our response is simply this: Yes Lord, YOU ARE.

When we cease trying to figure You out, and striving to win your favor by what we do and what we way, THEN you show up and show yourself to us.

When we cease walking in presumption that we already KNOW what You have said and LISTEN, THEN you show up and you speak to us.

When we cease striving to get position and promotion and proof that we are anointed, THEN you show up and place us in Your kingdom.

When we truly receive YOU as Lord, our Inheritance, man's teachings and traditions are brought to naught.

When You appear to us and reveal yourself to us, and we receive YOU as you really are, we enter your rest.

When we realize that Your kingdom is NOW and can be occupied, all else ceases to matter.

We truly know then what it means to "drop everything and Love YOU."
We truly know then what it means to Love You with all our heart and all our soul and all our might.

In this we will be found still holding to our First Love, and obeying the first commandment.

When we have apprehended the First Love and the First Commandment, we have need of nothing more.

For LORD you have said I AM THAT I AM

Our response is now, Yes LORD YOU ARE.
So be it. Amen.


Yolanda Ballard

Speak, My child. Speak the words aloud that which you hear in the secret place. Bring encouragement to My people by being a living testimony to My people those who I have died for. Many desire to know more of My love and faithfulness. Many have desired to walk in My perfect will but have been distracted by the fear and wisdom of man from going on the straight and narrow path that I have ordained for them.

But I have loved My people and have poured out My grace and mercy many a time and will continue to. But there will come a day when they will need to take a stand on My word alone. There will come a day when they will be truly tried in the fire and purified like gold. All the dross and impurities need to be brought to the surface and skimmed off so all that is left will be My faith in them. They need to know without a shadow of doubt that I am faithful and that I am all that they need.

Lean not on the arm of the flesh but lean on Me. I am your rock, your great provider, your dwelling place. There is great provision and protection within My arms of love for you. I have all that you need. I will protect you and care for you like a hen covering her chicks kept safe underneath her wing I will care for you.

So this day I encourage you to seek My face and search your heart to see if there is any root of unbelief where you have gone your own way. Trust in My ways and not those of man. Time is short, and I don't want you off guard when the enemy really hits My people.

The storms of persecution are coming, and they will be heavy. But those who know My name will be safe within the refuge of My love. Look unto Me the author and finisher of your faith. Look to My word for it is truth. Cast down the fear produced by man through their knowledge. Don't you know that the enemy moves through devices to sidetrack you from My truth? Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves, and I will care for you says your God.


Joanne Gavlick

O, beloved, do you not know that God is sovereign? The devil cannot do what he wants to without permission, therefore God has set you up through loss of someone or something. But His protection, through others likened to yourselves, and His mighty hosts of fire, will sustain and thrust you to the next level. It is not what's right that will bless you, but what is left, for God knew all that was to happen before He called you. So when constantly attacked, praise Him and thank Him, for God multiplies through affliction. Embrace what has come, for you cannot be blessed without brokenness. God is calling for "bridled horses", harnessed by the Lord, and only those who have an ear to hear and hearts to obey, will run with God!

Know that the devil is a liar, for the truth is not in him, so do not receive the voice of lieing and seducing spirits, but hear the sound of the Lord today, for it comes as a blast of the trumpet! As the sound of thunder! As the sound of a mighty, rushing wind; a force and sound that cannot be denied. His thunder is getting louder, and lightning bolts are sounding! The Heaven of Heavens is shouting, for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords is about to mount the white horse, with fire in His eyes and a two-edged sword from His mouth! The trumpets of Heaven are blasting at His gates, and His gatekeepers are preparing for the war!

Know this, beloved, that without a test, there is no testimony. Let your testimony be God's testimony, for the testimony of Christ is the spirit of prophecy. Prophesy to the winds, the waters, the lands, for there is a creative power being released like none other in the history of all ages. A tidal wave of His love will overtake you, and a deluge of His power will permeate you to do the bidding of the King. He is calling forth guardians and protectors of His gates to shut the gates of hell! Are you willing and prepared to rebuild the ruins of ancient days, and restore the tabernacle of David, that all may know the Son of God; for the Ancient of Days is His name, and freedom is His game! What will you do without freedom? It was for freedom, that Christ has set us free. Yet, so many are amongst the ruins and wastelands . . . . will you sound the alarm to wake up the sleeping dead?

It is the LORD your God who is speaking to the end-time remnant church, one in ashes . . . and ashes are the remains of what has been through the fire. SAVE YOUR ASHES. God will never let the devil take everything and leave you with nothing. A little oil is enough for God. There is resurrection power available to you and through you, for He is the Resurrection and the Life. God will use what you have left, to give back to you what you never had. Remember Elijah and the woman with little oil!

God is going to build His remnant church from leftovers: the burnt, rejected stones that have been misunderstood, falsely accused, and martyred; the blood of martyrs is crying out! O sons and daughters of the Most High, do you think God does not hear? Are you willing to trade all, for the freedom He has for you? The greatest work in your life is during the famine years, not the times of plenty. So know this, sons and daughters, that sometimes your miracle is determined by what you're willing to walk away from. Has the brook dried up? Walk away and seek the land of the living, for God will send angelic hosts carrying the "War Chariot" of God and deliver you from the Philistines!


Priscilla Van Sutphin

I saw a bracelet of gold with hearts a vision and I wondered at it when the Lord spoke...
Love and Compassion are the trademarks of My true prophets regardless of their message. A Father often has to correct His children.
Do not despise My correction.

The oil of purification is being poured out on My people that the BRIDE may be prepared to receive her Bridegroom in that Day that I will come for her. Only the purest gold will be used for the great task that lies ahead, so do not despise the trials and tribulations that have come upon you. The Refiner's fire is burning off all that cannot contain My glory ! Darkness cannot abide with light. see Luke 11: 34-36

Open up My bride to Your Beloved. Do not hold back, lest any darkness remain. Be not afraid to disclose those things that cause you to fear. I will not destroy you ! I am a God of restoration, not destruction. Let go of distractions. Let go of what you can hold in your hands and hold on only to things that are ETERNAL. Store up treasures in heaven, not on earth, where moth and rust decay. Open your eyes to the signs of the times. Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away before you see the Son of Man revealed; as never before. This fire is for a time, so that greater glory may be revealed. Purify your tongue. Take away the pointing of the finger. Judge NOT lest you be judged.

Love one another as I have loved you, and laid down My life for you.
No greater love has man than this, that he lay down his life for his friend.
Will you lay down your life, that I alone may be revealed in you and through you?
Will you surrender to the One who loves you as no other loves you?
Will you lay down your life that the Fountain of Living Waters may be poured out through you to My garden which has become a barren desert? And to the lost who don't know the Well-Spring of Life?
Come away with Me.

Spend yourselves on Me and I will reveal the secrets of My heart to you.
Spend yourselves on Me and I will reveal the secrets of men's hearts to you.
Time with ME is time well spent.
Would that you would come to Me for all that ails you. Don't hold back!
all that I have is Yours, if you would just come. Come to Me for all your needs.
Be as a little child, for such is the kingdom of heaven.
The Kingdom of God is NOT in self-sufficiency but in dependency on Me!
It is NOT in other dependency, but dependency on Me alone.

Come to Me in your hurt, in your pain, in your rejection and persecution. I AM Your Comforter ! For I care FOR you !
I love you !
I love you !
I love you !
I will NEVER leave you or forsake you.

My sheep hear My voice. I know them and they know Me. And No one shall by any means snatch them out of My hand.
I AM the First and the Last !
I AM the great I AM !
I AM the Lord God ALMIGHTY !

Priscilla Van Sutphin
Upstream Ministries

Santos Olabarrieto
Don Swanger
Some Thoughts on "The Wave"

In the spring of 1972, I visited a friend who had become a Christian shortly before I did. He was staying at a "Jesus house" somewhere in Fort Lauderdale. The people who ran the house were Pentecostal ex-hippies with a heart for Latin America. They held all things in common and were starting outreach into the islands and Central and South America. We had a pleasant visit, a meal, some interesting fellowship, and that was that.

About five years later, my mother received a package addressed to me at her home (I had since moved to Michigan) from a group in Fort Lauderdale. When I opened it, it was a stack of pamphlets on the end-time move of God. Prophetic and bible prophecy stuff. Some of it still pretty cutting edge and perceptive. It came with a note asking me to see that these materials were released at the proper time. No signature or further explanation. Only a defunct post office box and the name Santos Olabarrieto. I didn't recognize the phrase, so I asked a Puerto Rican pastor friend about it. He said it was an odd term, but the closest it could be translated was "Holy Tidal Wave".

I don't know about the group or the pamphlets (I still have a few in my file cabinet). But I do know that the experience planted something prophetic in my spirit. A vision. An expectation. A handful of hippies living in a commune on the seedy side of Fort Lauderdale praying and reaching out and filling the atmosphere with prophetic expectation that God would sweep Latin America with a Holy Spirit Tidal Wave of revival. In 1972. So now, almost 30 years later, this term keeps resurfacing. The wave. The next wave. Big wave. Waves of the Spirit. Tidal wave. And Argentina is sending missionaries to America.

This move of God will begin in the Church, but it will not stay there. I received a word a little over a year ago that I posted here. One brief excerpt read "The church is about to undergo a catastrophic upheaval, which will change the face of Christianity forever. Like the forces of plate tectonics, pressure has been building for a long, long time, and the separations will be a short work, explosive , powerful. Things never before seen will be brought to light and revealed, and other things will be instantly buried and hidden, or washed away in a flood. Like the earth, this will NOT be a drawn out evolutionary process, but a burst of destructive and creative power. The result will be a totally new map, a totally new landscape, and a totally new atmosphere. The Lord does nothing of this magnitude without first revealing it to His servants the prophets."

Somewhere deep below those things which are seen, there is a pressure building where two worlds, an old and a new, have been pressing against one another for a long, long time. Something is about to give. We talk of shaking, often glibly and with little thought to the implications. But this will be a SHAKING like the world has never seen before. A release of power when the points of tension snap. All that can be shaken will be shaken. All. Afterward, the landscape may be totally unrecognizable in many ways. Familiar routes and places will be gone. Edifices, works to which years and lives have been committed, gone. Crooked paths will have been straightened. Valleys raised up. Mountains made low. Grave sorrow to those who are clinging to what is passing away in an instant. Glorious preparation to those whose eyes are fixed on a city not made by hands.

Then, when it seems the shaking has stopped, its full effect will have just begun. The release of great power, the explosive dunamis, creates a stirring, unseen at first. We have not seen this yet. It is yet to come. A stirring deep in the sea (the mass of people). A stirring that will rise up and spread outward in all directions. A wave. A wave does not move water. It is power that moves through the water. So with this wave. It will move and gather force through a mass of people, crashing over every place they touch. Sudden. Drenching. Flooding. A wall of water. A holy tidal wave. Finishing the work begun by the shaking. Changing the face of the world forever.

Love and Let the Wind Blow,




You cannot put on the whole armor of God when you are carrying weights. You must begin with casting all your care on HIM. How can you fight weighted down with cares? Let us lay aside every weight which so easily besets us. Heb. 12:1
Put on a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.

You must go into battle free from unconfessed sin. If we confess our sins, HE is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9, ...who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness- 1Ptr. 2:24.

{a fixed or definite period or season, as opposed to chronos time, a space of time}
There is a kairos time to go into battle and there is a time to wait. David Inquired of The LORD when to go to battle and when to wait. When he moved in Kairos time he won the battle,and was not captured. Kairos time determines success 2 Sam.5:24 1Sam.23: 1-12
"Later, at the time when Kings go out to battle, David remained at Jerusalem." This led to adultery, murder, and a curse that followed all of his children. If David had gone to battle at the time(kairos time) when the kings went there would have been no opportunity for temptation. 2 Sam. 11:1

Before Gideon went to war the Lord told him to reduce his army SO THAT GOD WOULD GET THE GLORY
Be careful who you go into battle with! Do they have fear? Do they want glory for themselves or God?
Judges 7:1-7

Before you engage in warfare you must be in a place in the spirit where you can HEAR what THE LORD is saying to the church. Rev.2:7,11,17, 3:6,13,22, I was in the spirit...and I heard behind me a loud voice ...Rev.1:11

Is there a hidden agenda? What is the heart motive for the warfare? David's motive was that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel.
1 Sam. 17:46

Whose armor are you wearing? Who/what is covering you? You cannot slay Goliath with Saul's armor on! It was not made for you and will not fit and will not protect but rather become a hindrance. Go in the strength of the name of the LORD of Hosts, the God of the armies of Israel. 1Sam. 17:38,45


A lot of warfare is being done in the Flesh and is accomplishing nothing for The Kingdom. The pray-ers are so weighted down with the cares of this world that they are not able to get their spiritual armor on. Some are weighted down with sin and do not have on robes of righteousness. Some are going to battle before they hear the sound of the shofar(kairos time) and they are being slaughtered. Some have their own agenda- Not God's heart. The heart is deceitful above all things, Jer. 17:9 ,who can know it. What is your motive for prayer? Is it that all the earth may know you, your ministry,your cause or That there is a God in Israel.

Begin with Humility
Create in me a clean heart, O God!, was a prayer David prayed after he became King. He was a mature man of God of God at this point. From the shepherd boy who killed Goliath to a King who delayed, he lost the vision of the Lord for warfare. He lost the kairos timing. Timing is of the essence in spiritual warfare, If you delay, as with David, temptation leads to Lust of the eye, lust of the flesh, resulting in adultery(satisfying your own desires, not God's desires). Notice that it was at the time of his youth(honeymoon christians) that David's heart motive was right. After David had won many battles and became king and was mature(mature saints)he stayed home while other kings went to war.The mature saints are in danger of losing the vision and missing the timing of God to go into warfare. BE SOBER, BE VIGILANT. 1 Peter 5:8

There is a tension that must be maintained in our walk with the Lord that brings everything into perfect focus. The pendulum swing is a dangerous thing. The Bible is clear concerning divine order in the church and in the family. The pivot from which all things swing is found in 1st Cor. 13. The love chapter of the bible brings all things into proper perspective. It is no accident that the love chapter of the Bible was placed between 1 Cor. 12 and 1 Cor. 14 which speaks of the gifts. The gifts and the flow of the Holy Spirit must be tempered with love.

Wildfire, out of control,{uh oh, bad word} brings destruction. Fire is put out when cold water is thrown on it.{Do not quench the spirit} Strange fire brings the wrath of God (Nadab and Abihu were consumed-Lev.10:1-2). Let the fire of the Holy spirit purify us . Let us be baptized with fire so that it is no longer I that liveth but CHRIST that liveth in me. Then and only then can the fire of the Holy Spirit flow like a river to cleanse and heal and bring order out of chaos.

What does the Lord require of thee but to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God.

It is:
Not a works mentality. The BLOOD redeems
Not a fix it mentality. Only the CREATOR can fix it
Not a control mentality. Sovreign GOD is in control


It is a servant mentality. It is A MENTALITY OF HUMILITY. On the night of HIS betrayal,knowing that the Father had given all things into HIS hands, and that He had come from God and was going to God, rose from supper and laid aside HIS garments, took a towel and girded Himself...and began to wash the disciples' feet, and to wipe them with the towel which HE was wearing... John 13:3-16...for I have given you an example.......
Judas Iscariot, the betrayer,was one of those whose feet Jesus washed.

{You have to read it to believe it}

Ministry of Living Water John 4
Alice Weeks


By Kathie Walters

Once when my good friend Arthur Burt, an evangelist from Wales who has been in ministry more than 50 years, was visiting me, I had another guest, a young man named Jeremy, also. Jeremy had recently emigrated from England. We had an interesting conversation about what God was doing around the world, and Jeremy shared the story of how he was saved through the ministry of an American evangelist in England.

Jeremy suddenly turned to Arthur and asked if he knew of this evangelist. "Why, yes, I do know him," replied Arthur. Then Arthur turned away and resumed a conversation with another man. Jeremy was excited!

"Arthur, do you know where he is? I would like to contact him."

"Well, yes, I do know," Arthur said, and again turned away and began to talk to someone else. Jeremy was getting frustrated, and the rest of us thought Arthur was behaving a little strangely.

"Where is he, Arthur?" Jeremy asked.

Arthur turned again to Jeremy, "If you must know, Brother, he is in jail." Jeremy almost fell off his chair.

"What do you mean, in jail? Why is he in jail?"

Arthur looked long and hard at Jeremy. "If you must know, Brother, he's in jail because of child pornography." This time Jeremy turned almost grey, and his eyes were as big as saucers.

"What do you mean? I don't understand; how could that happen? He was so powerful and anointed! I was saved in his meeting." Jeremy was shocked.

Arthur turned to our English visitor: "It's like this, Brother. When a man gets into pride, God resists. He lifts His grace, and then a man falls into the first hole he comes to. We are all kept by the power of God."

Arthur continued, "A man can hide his sin, but he cannot hide his pride; sooner or later there will come a fall." Since Arthur made these comments I have observed the truth underlying them time and again: "Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall" (Prov. 16:18, NKJV).

Why does pride cause men to fall? Because, as the Bible says, "God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble" (1 Pet. 5:5). We are to "humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt [us] in due time" (v. 6). God extends His grace to us to the extent that we are dependent upon Him.

God SAVES and KEEPS us by His power; yet often we acknowledge that we need Him for salvation, but then proceed to try to keep ourselves using all kinds of religious exercises. We must remember that "It is God who works in us, both to will and to do for His good pleasure" (Phil 2:13). It is Jesus who presents us "faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy" (Jude 24).

So then, the main cause of God's lifting His grace from a person, ministry or work, is pride. But pride can manifest itself in different forms. The most obvious is being boastful, thinking ourselves bigger and better than everyone else. This kind of pride--the kind that excludes others and considers them not so important--is easy to see.

But what about other forms of pride? Self-sufficiency is a kind of pride. Some people who are very capable in the natural think they don?t need God. But He wants us to depend on Him.

Of course it is possible for preachers and teachers who are gifted to do "spiritual things"--teach and preach and sing and pray--without the anointing. However, we want to teach and preach according to what God is saying, hearing from Him. That's the only way to get eternal results! Our capabilities and talents are limited, and God wants us to move beyond the limitations of the natural.

Humility is KNOWING that we need God. It seems that when we start out we are able to see how desperately we need God, but after a while success comes, and before you know it, we can do it ourselves.

The first revival I was involved in was truly an awesome move of God. Those who were a part of it didn't know how to have a revival; we didn't even know how to have a meeting! So we waited on God and loved Him, and we knew that if He didn't show up, nothing would happen.

God loved our depending on Him like that, and He showed up big time. It was wonderful. He sent His Spirit and taught us, and the place was filled with the glory of God.

After a few years we had learned how to do things. We didn't need God so much then. People were coming from all over and getting a real blessing. They thought it was wonderful how the Spirit was moving among us.

But before long we began to think we were pretty smart. Our attitude changed from "GOD is using us" to God is using US." Slowly the presence of God began to wane, but we didn't notice too much. We still had lively meetings with good preaching and great praise and worship.

Sometimes when you have what appears to be a successful service you don't notice God isn't there. But His presence among us is not automatic. Our "having church" is not a command performance for God.

When we become self-sufficient and forget to consult God about what He wants to do, He is grieved. He will resist the pride that causes us to do our own thing instead of His thing by lifting His grace. And when He lifts His grace, everything we are doing begins to fall apart.

Judgment is another form of pride. When we judge someone, we forget what we ourselves would be like without God's grace. In fact, the Bible says that those who judge do the very same things they judge others for! (See Rom. 2:1.) Only God is qualified to judge, for He is the only one who knows the heart of a man.

Instead of boasting or judging, let's learn to prefer one another. Instead of trying to serve God in our own power, let's humble ourselves under His mighty hand (see 1 Pet. 5:6) and learn to follow the leading of His Holy Spirit. This will assure that we remain under His grace and in His will--and that we accomplish all He has purposed for us.

Week of 10-16-00

As we approach the Lord this week let us remember to humble ourselves as little children, bring our petitions to Him and fully depend on His grace to be all we need to be.. Pray for the church around the world, especially in Israel, China, Nigeria, and France. Gal. 6:2-3

By Kathie Walters, co-founder of Good News Fellowship Ministries


by Yolanda Ballard

Be blessed, My children, for I have given you so much to be thankful for. Do not allow the enemy to rob you by giving into the snare of ungratefulness. If the enemy can get you looking at yourself in a wrong light and feeling sorry for yourself and depressed, then he can get you to let go of your many blessings.

This is the day the Lord has made. This is the day to rejoice and to be glad in it and to put the enemy out of every area of your life for he is there only to steal, kill and destroy you and all your blessings. So be wise and diligent to seek My face and feast on My word and to gather with the saints. For this is a blessing not all freely have.

Many face persecution this day where they are not allowed to seek My face in the public gathering of the saints. Many do not have the ability or the means to go out and gather the materials you so freely have to study My word. Many do not have a Bible. And you, My children, have abundance.

So take this time and use it wisely. Gather with the saints and seek My face and worship Me wholeheartedly. Rejoice and be grateful that you have this privilege. And rejoice that you have My word openly proclaimed in the public gatherings. And you have My word in abundance and study materials and the internet at present where My word is being shared in abundance through prophesy.

Be blessed that you are safe in My love. I will always watch over you and protect you. I will supply your every need because I am your Father. Be grateful for your every blessing. Do not take any of them lightly, and never let the enemy cause you to be ungrateful and look at these things lightly because of the snares he sets up for you. Because his only mission is to separate you from My intimate presence and love, to deceive you by causing you to feel you have so much lack in your life.

Take your every blessing and cherish them for they are My gifts to you. I have given you the gift of nature to enjoy....My creation. I have given you My breath....My life in abundance. I have given you good things so that your youth will be restored as the eagles.

Stand on My every promise, My children. And rejoice for this is My will for you this day. And be grateful for My gifts for there may come a day when what you see before you may be taken away because of your ungratefulness. Wake up and be glad and be thankful for this is My will for you.

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