Vespasian was the Roman Emperor from 69-79. The accession of Vespasian marks a turning point in the history of the Principate. After the confusion of the conflict between Otho and Vitellius, he was elected Emperor, not in Rome but in the East, and by the Army. The accession of Flavius Vespasian marks the beginning of a period, embracing three reigns, known as the Flavian age (69-96).

One of the most memorable events of Vespasian's reign was the final termination of the Jewish war and the capture and destruction of Jerusalem and its holy temple. After a most prosperous reign of ten years, Vespasian died in 79, the first emperor after Augustus who had not met with a violent death.

The virtues of Vespasian, supported by a firm temper, led to a great improvement in the social condition of Rome. His only fault was an extravagant love of money, which, however was probably exaggerated by those who compared his parsimonious expenditure, with the lavish extravagance of former emperors.
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