If, as Hebrew tradition and the Apocrypha holds, Melchizedek was Shem, the son of Noah and survivor of the Pre-Flood world, he was the oldest living man, a priest in the patriarchal period, of the whole living population of the earth. Then, sometime previous to Abraham's coming, Melchizedek had already come out of Babylonia, to take possession in the name of God, of Jerusalem. Other sources teach that since he was to have had no mother or father, he is considered as the pre-existent Messiah or some kind of phantom spirit or angel. We know very little about the king-priest Melchizedek. These descriptions are of course disputed but we need not know who he was but rather what the Melchizedek priesthood is for the Christian. Melchizedek may have known Abraham as a boy back in Ur, and may have had something to do with his call to come to the Promised Land. Melchizedek, king and founder of Ur Salem (Jerusalem). Abraham believed the two of them served the same God. Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek and this is the first record of any priest of God in the Bible. As far as we know, Melchizedek was the only priest at that time so if he was chosen as a high priest, it would be over the priesthood in generations to come. We do know that he was a king and a servant to mankind making him a type of Christ. The writer of Hebrews says that he was "made like unto the Son of God." Jesus was made an high priest forever after the order of Melchisedec. We enter into the Christian experience as kings and priests but I believe that we can only rule as kings collectively as His body, individually we are but servants to our King, Jesus. Priests and apostles do not govern individually for "unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon HIS shoulder." Isaiah 9:6. Here's where unity comes in as putting all things under Jesus' feet when the remnant will take her rightful place with the Head.

Prophets speak to the people on behalf of God but a priest speaks to God on behalf of the people. In this age of grace, we may now speak to God directly and as such function as priests. Levitical priests did not have an earthly inheritance, God was their inheritance. Those among the Melchizedek priesthood will leave this world without undergoing death.

To search the internet for information on Melchizedek is to find what seems to be cockroaches trying to get through the cracks of the temple to influence those who are called. All kinds of people are clamoring for attention in that they assume the role of high priests themselves. There are cults that teach that they alone have entered into this select group. It is my belief that the temple gates are open wide for everyone. Many Christians have come in from the outer court and dwelt in the holy place but it is only in the holy of holies that we are to find the true Melchizedek priesthood where only the high priests may enter.

For background study, the scriptures to read are Genesis 14, Psalms 110, Hebrews 5 through 7.

You must know that there are defeated Christians and there are victorious ones, divided Christians and united ones, prideful and humble, ones that hoard their money and ones that are liberal with their money, overcomers and those that have been overcome, judgmental Christians and loving ones. You must know that there is a difference between pseudo-saints that walk in the flesh and true saints that walk in the spirit. I believe that it is the difference between the priesthood of all believers in the holy place and the high priesthood that enters into the holy of holies. they may be different yet the promises are the same in that we should all be included in this high priesthood. The veil in the holy of holies has been rent but not all Christians enter in, some are just content with their life insurance and do not know that there is more to enter into. Those in the confusion of Babylon are told "get out of her my people." They are God's people but are not the holy and sanctified Bride of Christ. We cannot glory in that but we do need to take some kind of action and not rest upon passive faith. There is a difference between the five foolish virgins and the five wise ones even though both are waiting for the Bridegroom. We must realize that they do not have the same standing in the end-time remnant church no matter how much we would like them to be.

I think that the bottom line is to get back to the difference between justification and sanctification. There were three feasts that were required of an Israelite to attend, Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles. These feasts were types of the Christian experience. Initial salvation comes from grace through faith and not of ourselves and we are justified by the cross but to live holy is our responsibility, to act as an overcomer is dependent on our choice to repent, deny the flesh and walk in the spirit. The old covenant priests in the line of Aaron were priests by birth as an inheritance in the flesh, we become priests through the new birth in Jesus as an inheritance by the spirit. All Christians have gone through the atoning blood of Jesus in the Passover experience yet many deny the Pentecostal experience and sanctification as separate from that and it includes the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. This does not diminish the requirement of Pentecost but it has however diminished the power of the Holy Spirit in the church and makes a distinction here of those that have the power from those that merely have a form of godliness but deny the power. So in that there are deeper things of God that we may choose or reject, we are then told to leave the milk and take the meat. There are many of us that want everything more that God has to offer and there are those of us that think that they have all that they need.

There is a pattern here in that there is not uniformity between Christians. We are not all the same, yet we have been given the same promises and the same measure of grace. The we and them mentality is not good in the church but we do have to accept that there is an apostate church among Christians and we are to be separate. Ask yourselves these questions. Are those Christians that have taken the mark of the beast part of the Bride of Christ? Are those remaining in Babylon that will not come out of her part of the Holy and blameless bride? Is the luke-warm church among the remnant? I believe that they are Christians but need to be restored and taught to enter into the holy of holies. It may be our birthright but many have sold their birthright to feede the flesh.

The discussion of the Melchizedek priesthood is an excellent example of the process involved in the restitution of all things. We are equipped to reign as priests and kings, but do we? The restored church is to be an undivided body and pre-denominational as speaking as One. Are we? If this is part of the new birth, then this is our birthright. We all then, have the privilege to be a part of the Melchizedek Priesthood but the problem is that we do not avail ourselves of this right and privilege. The latter house will be greater than the former but not until we as a body enter into the holy of holies and act as priests and kings. I say it again, NOT UNTIL WE AS A BODY enter into the holy of holies. We are to do more mighty things than Jesus did while He was here on earth but this is a united thing, we have to do it together, we have to love each other and encourage each other, we have to follow Jesus as a group and not running back into the divided house of Babylon that so many have returned to once that we have learned about these things.

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